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Is anyone out there on Cymbalta? My Dr. switched me today and I am so afraid of the side effects. Ive been on Lexapro for the past 3 years but feel I might be immuned to it. He added Wellbutrin but it made me extremely anxious.....
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I was on Cymbalta for 2 years.  It is a great medication and gave me energy.  Plus, I didn't feel depressed at all.  I switched to pristiq because of the cost and I have diabetes and it did have weight gain for me.  
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Ive been on so many things over the years and they just stop working. Any side effects on the Cymbalta? Pristique didnt work for me at all.
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I have been on cymbalta since the beginning of this year. It has actually been one of the only meds that have helped my depression. I have yet seen any horrible side effects, I have gained weight but that is more than likely due to the lithium I take. Cymbalta is expensive, and a lot of insurance companies won't cover it, so make sure to call your insurance company to see how much of it they will cover.
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i say do NOT start takiing it....when i went to get off because it didnt help...i have heart shocks every few days...so i take it for that not because it works...sorry...i have had depression for 11 years..nothing works....especially not that...now im mad because i do not have insurance and  they a re 7 dollars a piece and i get them just so i wont have heart shocks....
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WARNING !!  I gave this to another individual.  Have a family member watch you while on this.  If you find yourself getting worse in 3 weeks go to your doctor.  I became suicidal on this drug.  It is addictive and the withdrawal symptoms are enough to make you suicidal.  Literally:  have to remove TWO GRAINS from a capsule daily for three days. Then removed FOUR, and so forth until off.  This slow approach does not negate the side effects of withdrawal.  It took two months.  Then it has to get out of your system.  Never did I have suicidal thoughts before.  
Some people find this wonderful and it should be.  But each medicne works differently.  Celexa makes some gain serious weight very fast and some lose.  Who knows about chemistry.  But BE CAREFUL!!!!!   Go to a Cymbalta forum and read other comments to make a sound judgement.   When getting off, be sure to start another med to help you thru it and not spiral out of control.  
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It worked great for me.

I got rid of the depression on 60 mg, but was a bit dopey and very constipated.  Once stabilised 30 mg does me wonders, I live a lovely life now i really do.
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