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Does cymbalta cause weight gain? The doctor wants me to take it for chronic headaches but 5 years ago I took Lexapro and that made me gain weight! Help!
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I take amitryptiline (may hav spelled wrong) and it was prescribed to me to help headaches and I think it has really helped.   It may help with overall pain  and help u sleep as well.    Just a suggestion.  It helps with the prevention of headaches so u don't get thm to start with.   All the best to u.  I've had lots of headaches it can really make life miserable--- I wish u all the best.
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If you try it don't expect all headaches to go but it may really help on intensity and frequency?!!!
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I have gained some wieght BUT i have2other factors that may have caused it(my type of birth control+thyroid issue JUST discovered).Why wouldnt they just prescibe u headache meds...anyway try it if u gain wieght dell ur doctor when stop,try something else
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I took Cymbalta for two years and I found it to be weight neutral - no weight gain. Your weight problems are more likely because of your thyroid than Cymbalta.
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I've been on every headache medicine on the market and nothing helps, I live with chronic daily headaches going on 25 years, seen neurologists, all kinds of doctors and even did accupuncture and chiropractor therapy with no help. They've tried the anti siezure meds and the migraine meds as well but they aren't migraines so that's why I'm asking about the cymbalta, the doctor said it sometimes helps with chronic pain but I do not want to gain weight which I did on Lexapro which didn't do anything for the headaches either. Going to look into the atriptylene. Thank you for your comments
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I have been on Cymbalta and actually lost some weight. I'm on Lexapro now and had to back my dose down because I was putting weight on. I did find that the Cymbalta helped my back pain. I really hope it helps your headaches.
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