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Denying depression

I have not been diagnosed with depression, however I feel as if I do suffer from the symptoms! I am scared to ask my family and friends for their help because I have always been a very outgoing individual but recently have found myself batteling my emotions. Its becoming too tiring and tedius to hide these things from my family but dont know how supportive they will actually be I just need some type of reassurance that things will be ok.
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I've heard this so often, and you will be amazed at how supportive people will be.  You may even find out that one of them is enduring the same thing and has been afraid to talk about it also.  Your family loves you, and your well-being is everything to them, so please talk to them.  Life is too short to be miserable, get the help you need.
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Hi  belle, any chance you have had a blood screen. Check thehiddendisease.com for some info on testosterone replacement.(And yes I realize you are female) I didn't know that it could effect woman as well as men. This site has some very informative patient interviews. Good Luck!
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