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Hi guys
Ive been feeling weird for 2 months. ..not felt like myself with a low mood and depressed, which is clearly my depression..I dont enjoy things like I used to and at times I do enjoy them..It feels like I'm in and out of myself. I feel like sometimes Im a robot and Im watching myself do things, Like I dont know who I am anymore, kinda feel numb and like  a zombie? what is this? I hope it goes away by tomorrow!
its so strange! any insights...its freaking me out
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hi, is there anything that happend to make u feel like this? i feel like u do but somthing happend to me that triggered it off. im the same i dont enjoy anything, and feeling emontionally numb, and feeling down all the time! do u feel like u dnt care for nothing or anyone? your best bet is to see the dr if u dnt feel your self getting better it will just get worse belive me!
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hi I don't suffer from this and it must be horrid 4u.
Just wanted to ask if you've seen the movie NUMB with oh shucks can't remember his name he's on the show friends. You will identify with him, he did a good job....but got no help either and tended to trivilize the condition somewhat, but still think you would find it interesting.
good luck, hope u get more answers
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Hi. I know how you're feeling. I've been on and off depressed for a few years and so much in my life is changing, I feel like I have nothing TO BE depressed for really, nothing that is SOOO bad that I should be feeling like this. But still I feel beside myself, like just BLAH... Down in the dumps-- nothing is worth enjoying. And I don't really realize it often times, until someone says something like "What's wrong?" "Are you ok?" "Are you mad at me?" or something like that. My boyfriend especially, comments on how I am just out of it, like I'm looking blue or deep in thought. I try to get hyped up and excited about life, but just no energy. And a low tolerance for anything as well. It's depression. Exercise helps me, and being alone but not at home, gotta get out and do something. You need something to bring your ego up and make you feel good about yourself. Flirt with a guy, volunteer somewhere, play a game or sport you are good at. It will bring you up, trust me. And see a doctor, of course. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care.
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I've been feeling the same way.  I know it is hard to describe.  It is sorta like your body is here...but you feel as if the rest of you is disconnected..not there!  Many are telling me that depression feels that way..and that is not just a sad feeling.  It is not a fun thing to feel this way...I am actually having a rough night..and it will prob prolong into the wee hours with nobody to talk to.  My anxiety is kicking in..and I am feeling sick!  I am feeling things ive never felt before, and I really think there is something medically wrong with me, internally wrong..I dont think all of what im feeling is due to depression and anxiety.  Out of the clear blue, i just started feeling like my body weighed a thousand lbs and I would just fall over...I feel heavy, but lightheaded.  Very strange!    All we can do is take deep breaths and pray for the best.  :(
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I appreciate all of your comments and I dont feel alone...Wow if people understood what went on in the mind of a depressed person they would understand how lonely it is, its like life is happening in your face but you are not part of it, you don t know how to be part of it! how do u get back to being normal, it seems like an impossible task! errrr
Any more stories are welcome..thanks to you all and God bless you guys
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Thanks for your post. I too have that feeling. I didn't know if it was part of the depression or if I was just starting to go crazy.

It happens at least once a day. Usually when something really great is going on or I see something I should or want to enjoy. I feel like I'm just a passenger in my own body. Like I'm watching the events in front of me on TV. It doesn't feel like I'm me. Almost like deja vu or something. Just really, really weird.

I thought I was doing much better too. I think I was depressed for such a long time without fixing it that I don't know what "better" is anymore.
Anyways, thanks for posting this. You made me feel better.
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Opus mentioned the movie "Numb". Chandler from Friends stars, Matthew Perry. Excellent movie, I wrote about it here some time ago.

What that movie shows is this guy feeling weird as you all describe, sits outside his life, sort of. Goes to every type of doctor and guru he can find to get treatment and absolutely all of them promise the world and deliver nothing.

He goes through a world of pain as he needs someone to help him and no one can, they say they can but they are lying and flogging meds is all.

In the end he realises it is up to him, non meds, non treatment, to accept it and deal with it to get through it. By re engaging in life as he can. Not just lying there as we do. It's not that simple of course but that's the movie's message and it's so well done. I agree fully with the end.

To me dealing with this full range of illnesses is mainly about learning what they are, trying the treatments, noting the failures and finding what is useful and what is not. Often we need to just accept what it is and not fight it, just learn to deal with it, cope with it and live with it.

I must add that the term depresonalistaion is a newish one which I think is really a subset of depressive symptoms. As such the "cure" is curing the depression as people with depersonalisation are also depressed, as far as I can make out.

I'm just another D sufferer but depers sound to me very much like the almost vegetative state we reach with depression when the world is just too much for us so our brains tend to shut down and not allow emotions until we are stronger. If you've been to this level where you just sit and feel nothing after going through suicidal screaming periods you'll know what I mean. The mind just says "Enough" and you become a sitting, staring figment of your own imagination in many ways. Unpleasant but a primitive body mechanism to save us.

I was there and I felt nothing and cared for nothing. Meds got me back. And time. And love.
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Thanks dude..I think you said it best..depression is a scary place, but I think we can all relate that it can definitely distort your thinking and take you to darkness..Its like dealing with your own inner demons...Its a nightmare really! And yea, I think my brain has said enough! So im treating this depression bc if a pill can bring me back to life, then so be it..no wonder depression causes suicidal thoughts , who would want to live in that state, I can barely take it for 2 months..its ridiculous
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I also know how you feel. I don't enjoy it either these past few months have been the worst by far that I have delt with. I have been looking back and can't figure out what may have triggered it. I really started noticing all this a few weeks ago when I was vacuming (which I enjoy doing) I don't think my facial expressions could have felt any blanker. Kind of like my cheeks were ready to drag the floor. And just felt like my stomache was twisting inside out. I almost feel like I have been emotionless towards anything. You couldn't make me happy, sad or even mad. I don't know exactly what to say for myself. I also feel very lonely even with family. My state is a very lonely place.
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