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Depressed 14 years girl

I've been down in more then 5 month ago, and im still depressed. I took a depressed test, testing my self if i really was depressed, and i am. Im so sick of my life. I lost all of my bestfreinds. I don't know why, maybe because they all have changed, and they got new bestfriends. They treat me like I'm not like them, I have to constantly go behind them and just listen to their stupid discussions. When I give my opinion on something, all my friends get against me. Im so sick of fake freinds. I do not need them, and im pretty sure they don't need me either. I need someone to talk to, like a real freind. But no one are like me.. Can someone please help me? Sorry for my english, I live in Norway, and im not so good in english.
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Your English is just fine. It sounds like it may be time to get some new friends. I was a teen once myself and I remember how it was. It really can be such a hard time in your life. This will pass though. You'll finish school, maybe go to college, get married, have children. The fake friends you have now will be forgotten. I know that does'nt help your situation much right now though. Have you talked to your parents about feeling depressed? What about your school counselor?
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