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Depressed and teary

I am new to this particular forum but not new to MedHelp.  I took Paxil for over a year and I'd like to call it a miracle drug.  I felt fabulous while I was on it.  The only downfall is that you can't achieve an orgasm and more than likely you won't lose weight, you will gain weight.  For both of those reasons I weened myself off and it wasn't easy but I am drug free.  I feel very depressed now and am not sure what the answer is.  I have an appt w my Physciatrist next week and she will give me just about anything (not sure if this is a good thing) but don't know what I should take...

Any suggestions, regarding AD's and ones that don't cause weight gain...are there any????  What else is out there for depression?  I feel very low now and I don't wish to yo yo from one drug to the next.

Feeling hopeless.

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Your doctor can give you medication to overcome the sexual problem, plus he/she can tell you which ones don't cause weight gain.  I have been on them all, and it wasn't until I took a close look at my diet and exercise, did I stop blaming the drugs.  I've lost 45lbs. since January, and I always thought I ate healthy, and I've always walked 3-5miles a day.  But in reality is was a couple of bad eating habits causing the weight gain.  Also, any weight gain on AD's is minimal.  There are no drug replacements for depression.  We all have had to switch our meds, but once we found one that worked, it was well worth it.  
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