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Depression - Hormonal /Thyroid

Hi All its Lorraine
Does anyone experience more symptoms of depression the exhausting tiredness on the lead up to their period and
their period. Who would be a women hey especially with a thyroid problem - underactive.
According to the specialists thyroid doesn't interfere with hormones and doesn't cause depression. If you weren't depressed and confused before you went you sure would be after.
Why do these so called specialists lie through their teeth. Don't they think we can read and gain knowledge about our conditions??
Please Comment!!!!
Kind Regards
Lorraine x
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Probably because they are men and have never experienced the pure "hell" a woman goes thru every month...emotionally and physically.
1128565 tn?1316724743
Thanks for comment!!
Yes I agree if you've never suffered it how can you understand it. It's so draining and debilitating!!
I am only 41 but feel about 90, will go to Dr's to see what they can do. It's like loosing loads of time being ill, yuk!!!
Kind Regards
Lorraine x
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