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Depression, really?

I've had numerous problems over the past couple months with multiple ER visits. First few were for severe headaches at the base of my head, then for muscle spasms in the neck (severe neck pain),  and the last one I was convinced that an artery in my neck was slowly blocking up and that I was going to have a stroke and die. Another visit was from having chest pain and knee pain and convincing myself it was a blood clot. None of these ER visits happened without reason, every single time i was experiencing pain that was scaring me. I have had blood tests in the ER, from my regular doctor, CT scan, neck and chest ex rays done all fine except my neck which proved to be too straight from the muscle spasms.  However the one that concerns me the most is what been going on all day today and yesterday as well, but on a much smaller scale. Its a sharp, prickly type pain  in my right side that also occurs near my belly button. My belly looks a little swollen. My mother told me it looks like i'm a few months pregnant and theres a little pooch there. It's gone away and come back again.I have also felt mild ache in the same general area on the left side as well. It bothers me most when I have to walk and move around, and I work in a fairly busy pharmacy so its mostly all the time. Occasionally i feel a throbbing in that area as well, but theres no pain when that happens. However when i press around that area I don't feel any pain, just the pressure of my hand. I have random aches in my knees and in my shoulders, and elbows, and sometimes feel patches of warmth for no reason. For a little while i was getting pins and needle type sharp pains in my head, and the occasional muscle twitch.I tend to feel better when i'm almost curled up in a ball. Sometimes i feel like I have to cough even when i'm not sick.I just started to be treated for depression, I have a prescription for Prozac that i just started taking tonight.The only other medications i've been taking has been lorazepam for anxiety off and on, and Benadryl for contact dermatitis on my hands and upper body from wearing an improperly rinsed shirt. I tried talking to my mom about how worried I was, but she just told me that its probably a physical symptom of depression since I have been to the ER multiple times with various symptoms and healthy test results. I understand that she doesn't want me to rack up hospital bills ( which i've already begun to do) by constantly visiting the ER. However I'm starting to think shes no longer taking me seriously.Either that or my head just can't make the connection between depression and the symptoms i've been having. I mean they are all so wide reaching that it doesn't appear to be one condition or the other, so i know that its true. Its more that i'd rather there something physically be wrong  so i don't feel so nuts anymore. I have an appointment on the 28th to see my doctor, and I can't go any sooner because i'm fastly approaching broke and can't even lay out the deductible. I'd appreciate any kind of insight anyone has.
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After passing out late, and waking up early most of the prickling pain has subsided, but its been replaced with a throbbing, on my left side a few inches from my belly button. I notice it when I lay down on my back. Its happened before but it was weeks ago and its worrying me a lot.
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I am so sorry that I don't have a lot of time to post.  I don't doubt that you are depressed but when I read your post the first thing that popped into my mind was General Anxiety Disorder.  Maybe you can paste and copy this post on the anxiety forum.  You may find others fighting the same issues you are.  Good luck to you.
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