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Hello, I would like to know, how to help a person who suffers from depression for a long time. Is there any way to cure that without a professional help?
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Yes depression can and does cause death----mostly thru suicide.
Depression is believed to be caused by disordered 'neurotransmitters' in the brain.  BioChemicals that maintain a delicate balance in the brain and when this balance is disturbed then your nervous system suffers.  Thus your brain is 'damaged' in a way.  Imagine the gasoline in your car having its normal 'mixture' changed significantly.  Your car then smokes, backfires, is hard starting, or just plain konks out.  It's completely understandable then for your brains  'abilities being lowered' if what it needs to run properly is absent or in insufficient quantities.  
Hope this helps!
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Most depressions are medical conditions that require medical help for improvement.
Like any other medical condition, you can go without treatment and hope for the best.
Many times depression will 'recede' or get better on it's own but it's a not necessary to suffer with this condition when there is good treatment available.  If it does recede it will frequently return again.
An individual's family physician can frequently treat depression, but going to a psychiatrist is the best method.
Suffering with this without help is needless and unnecessary.  It's like having diabetes or a heart condition and not seeking help for it.   A big gamble with little chance of winning.
Why avoid professsional help???
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You have to get to the core of what,s causing the depression and try and tackle it.What activities make you happy and put you in a good mood.Professional help will only be beneficial if you accept or think that its working for you.Depression is an awful condition but with the correct strategies in place you can defeat the black dog.All the best.
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That would mean that we are chemical machines and nothing more. I don't want that. I want to think that we are something more and our psychical condition is not only a lack of serotonin or something.  
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I have one more question: Can depression cause death or brain demage? Does it lower brain abilities even after a patient has been cured?

Sorry for bad English. Hope you know what I mean.
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Thank you, that helps... At least in terms of information.
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