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I think I had panic atackt.Need help where shall I go to get help
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Go to your doctor.  If really bad go to the ER in hospital.  How often do you get the attacks?  If frequent, medication may help.  Talk to a doctor about it.
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Thank you for advice.I went to doctors.They couldn't see me today.I feel bad to go see them again
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Did you get to see the doctor and have a chat about your panic attack?
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I also suffer panic attacks and know how scary it can be you really do need to see a doctor can you explain what happens when you have a panic attack would be helpful so we can try and help you find out if it is panic attacks. Regards
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I found that the medication I am on now stopped depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.  If you are not on any medication now, the doctor may well prescribe some for you.

Panic attacks are very difficult I know.  I do hope you are now getting professional help.

Let us know how you are getting on.
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