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I have been on several different meds for the last several years. The latest and one that has lasted the longest is Celexa--The doctor just increased my dose to 60 mg and added Clonazepam 1 mg for the days that I feel like I could choke someone. Lately the depression/anxiety has been so bad. I don't know what triggered it but there are days I feel so lost, moody, angry at the world. I hate feeling this way, especially to my family, who have done nothing wrong. I hope adding the clonazepam will be helpful in making me feel like living. SOmedays it is all I can do to want to be on this earth. The sad part is I have a beautiful family, wonderful supportive husband and 2 beautiful girls. Why do I feel this way. I have all I could ask for in life but still feel depressed/anxiety ridden. Its sad really that we have to go through this. I do get it honestly I guess, my mom was on Valium for as long as I can remember. She suffered from depression and would just "go to bed" when she got to where she couldn't take it anymore. It is not an easy life to live for sure.

Just wanted your input on the combination of drugs that I will begin taking.

Thank you
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Hello there,

It is common for people with anxio-depressive state to have an anxiolytic combined with their antidepressant. The combination is good since clonazepam have a long half-life which means it will be more suitable for your since it will take more time to decay in your body. You mom was on Valium ( diazepam ) which have an even longer half-life and it's also a benzodiazepine like clonazepam.

Good combination but just have to warn you that benzodiazepines are very addictive and once you are addicted the withdrawal can last for several months.

Best regards,
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im joanna 28 and have had depression,ocd,anxiety,from my teens,i so understand u,im on prozac i have to take 3 tablets once aday,my ocd has got worse and changes now my 3 children r picking up on this to,i feel so dam guilty,my ocd is hand washing,checking things over and over cleaning and not going outside and when i eat i get anxiety i feellike im going to choke,when it all gets on top off me i just go to bed,then when i waken i feel just as bad going round checking everythings in order drives me mad,i get so many dizzy  spells even when am sittting,i so want to be happy again,its like living in a black hole,in the darkness,i feel so guilty for my kids,they r living with my illness,i  dont want them to have this illness.x
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