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What would be the better medication for depression, anxiety, and social anxiety.   Effexor xr or Zoloft.
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Meds work different for everyone, so no one can say how they'll effect you.
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I agree with wickedwanderer. It kind of depends on the person, simply because depending on you body chemistry, each person can react differently to different psychotropic medications.

If the symptoms of his depression include anxiety, and restlesness then an SSRI type antidepressant is usually the best place to start. If his symptoms include fatuge and exaustion then often times an SNRI drug like Effexor or Cymbalta can do the trick.

With these kinds of drugs it can be a trial and error process at times.
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it certainly does depebnd on the person they have ruined my life due to misdiagnoses and not believing the medication i wastaking was having the effect on me i triedto tell them its trial and error and we are the guinea pigs
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