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Depression Kills Neurons (Is This Proof)?

I have this depressive feeling that lasts all day everyday even though I'm not thinking about it and despite the fact that I'm doing things to cope with it.  This feeling is that depression releases stress hormones which kills neurons (including the neurons responsible for pleasure).  I feel that the depression I am experiencing from this information is already killing off my neurons responsible for pleasure.  I'm not afraid of losing any other neurons responsible for other things--just the neurons responsible for pleasure.  In other words, I'm not depressed about losing my intelligence--I'm depressed about losing my neurons responsible for pleasure.

The information is explained in this video (where it states that MRI imaging has shown neurons become less active and erode).

I have tried everything to cope with this information (even constantly telling myself positive things such as that the brain grows new neurons).  But this information still persists in bothering me all day everyday.

Also, as a side note, it used to be believed that we lose neurons everyday, but we don't.  Our neurons live on for the rest of our lives.  But this information from this video states that depression kills them.

However, there is only one thing that would ease this feeling from this information.  Which would be if this information has not been proven (in other words, if those MRI images that show neuron loss may somehow be wrong and can't be proven).  Or do those MRI images stated in the video prove that depression kills neurons?

Here is the video:

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I've told you numerous times that continuing to search out this information will only make your anxiety worse.  This is not healthy.  I don't know how else to tell you that.  

You're worried about your brain shrinking, now this.  You need to worry about getting some help.  It's not normal to remain so fixated on info you really cannot control.  I've told you that the info surrounding the brain and depression and largely based on theory.  While information is collected for research purposes, in no way should you apply it to yourself, unless a doctor is telling you directly that it does.
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I can tell you that I had many years (20 years) of severe depression.  I was nearly suicidal for several years and would bargain with myself daily to try to stay alive. But once I got on the right anti-depressant, all my joy came back.  I am happy today, over 25 years later after the severe depression went away.  It came back a couple years ago due to severe physical pain which has given me no life.  But just raising the anti-depressant took away the depression completely in spite of still having the same terrible life.  Continue to look for help with your depression.  I am living proof that my pleasure centers weren't taken away by my depression.
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Now I am already on antidepressants that I feel are working a bit (Prozac).  Also, you said that the info surrounding the brain and depression is largely based on theory.  So could those MRI images of neuron loss as stated in the video just be theorized to be from depression and could be from something else?  Or is it, in fact, from the depression?
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I really wouldn't worry about it.  You have tons of neurons in your brain.  I lost about half my brain from a major stroke, and no one can tell that I even had a stroke!  The brain takes over other neurons to function.  The brain is a truly remarkable part of the body. It sounds like you really need an anti-anxiety medication in addition to your anti-depressant.  PLEASE, talk to your doctor about your concerns about the neurons and make sure to tell them how much you are worried about it.  Your doctor can explain about the neurons better.
Good luck.
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Wonderful posts, sara!  

Matt, searching this kind of info is not where your focus should be.  I think sara made an excellent suggestion that you should speak to your doctor about how much you're thinking about this kind of stuff.  Maybe he can better explain to you why this isn't something you shuld be worried about better than I have.

NONE of the stuff you're reading is relevant to you.  Like I said, it's info gathered for research and studies, not for direct patient assessment or diagnostic purposes.  

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I looked at the site you listed. Before this I have NEVER heard that neurons die from depression, nor are there specific neurons for pleasure and other neurons for depression. There are just neurons. I would be very suspicious of this website. I had to really search to find any information about the site. Finally I found one on Facebook and found that the founder of the visualmd is NOT a doctor. Some of the information on this website is correct but other information is bunk. The mental health ibook is pretty and well developed but has NO references to look for the validity of the information. Worthwhile information will include who wrote it, their references and references for the information in the text. Stop worrying about this as their is no proof that it is real.
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