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I had to go off Cymbalta 60 mg due to the increase in copay. I was doing well on it. I now am on Celexa HBR 20 mg. I have been on it almost a month. I am taking it for Depression. It seems to be helping. The thing is I am not sure if I should increase it. Does anyone know if the dose of the Celexa is equivalent to the Cymbalta? I do still have moment where I begin to cry out of the blue, even when things become overwhelming. Any sugestions would be a great help. thank you for reading, responding.
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How long have you been on the Celexa?  If at least 6 weeks, then you need to contact your doctor about how you are feeling, he is your best resource.  They always start us out on the lowest dosage, and then depending on how we do on that....they may need to increase it.  Most often what you're experiencing happens, and normally your doctor will want to see you at 4-6 weeks to determine if the medication is working, and go from there.  If it's had the time needed to reach a therapeutic level in your system, then contact your doctor, he will know what is needed.  Take care!
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