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Hey, my name is Nathan, i'm an 18 year old college student.  Starting late elementary school and middle school, I've lived in a state of depression.  In middle-school I got a psychiatrist (an adult psychiatrist).  He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression.  The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time.  So for seven years I've taken meds.  More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside).  Im not suicidal like I was in middle school, but I definitely don't feel good.  So I'm at a crossroads, so to speak;

I can increase my med dosage or change my meds to get increased effects and be happy.  But my worry is that this will keep happening and I will have to keep spending more and more money on these pills.

I can stay on my current dosage and deal with the emotionless state, which is better than constant depression I suppose.

I can drop the pills altogether and face my "depression" head on.

Now this decision is big to me and a large factor in deciding is whether or not chemical depression even exists.  So, according to modern science, my brain doesn't produce enough of a certain chemical and thus needs supplements to achieve normality.  Is this true?  I've always accepted it as a fact, but is it one?  If this chemical imbalance is caused by a heavily stressful life-style opposed to genetics, then can I fix it without medication?  It would make sense that pharmaceutical companies promote the idea in order to increase sales, so the facts are debatable.  What if I'm normal and just have been overreacting?  What if this whole concept of a chemical imbalance is false?  I mean the pills work, but that only proves that introducing those chemicals makes me happier, not that there was a problem in the first place.  The whole situation is just a mess.
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Does the meditation work?
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The truth is quite clear they're fn lying. Plain and simple we could point blame and suspicion at certain doctors and possible kick-backs from pharmacutical companies but that's just logical suspicion.

What I do know is they are poisoning us. They say we won't ever get better and have to take it the rest of our lives, but the truth is life always changes and through treatment, aren't you supposed to heal something not maintain it's damaged state. The point is they are guessing, changing doses and med types all the time because patients don't feel better and trick us all into to thinking this time it will help. It's really psycho-babble bs, and there is no reason why chemicals in a lab should be better than the natural chemicals of plants found in the environment.

I am a ten yr Schitz and through CBT and life structure I have overcome my illness and turned it into a condition. I am still subject to social indifference but the indifference is not mine it's certain others who for some reason can't understand my perception.

an eg.

Today my Friend and I, who happens to be a Schitzo-effective Bi-polar, I know blows me away too, I wonder whats my generations kids are going to get? "Well, it seems Becky you have a severe case of CannotDealWithOurBullshitAnymore, of course Becky you don't know this cause we tell you you have CDWOBA, and btw here's a perscription that's gonna cost your parents 5000 dollars a year, cause they don't work fn hard enough as it is.... blah, blah, thanks for the pool and BMW, blah". Anyway we were at the Metro in Greenbank Mall, Nepean, ON and  I mentioned to my Friend that he shouldn't by the store's ****** cola    he should buy Coke instead, of course being the musician I am, all the old people got the total wrong impression and thought the worst, I had to be the idiot and restate "You know I mean Coca-Cola", see I was raised in the 70's and Coke was on everyone's lips. But now the terms have changed and those who don't know what the truth is make false accusations to others about your behaviour justifying it with their ignorance saying stupid **** like " I heard his friend tell him to buy Coke, and his friend looked like a gangster, so you know...." and they spread it around your community like wildfire when they are the fn idiots that made the wrong impression in the first place.

I have another Friend who is Bipolar, imagine my surprise and anger at the Mental Health Industry when I made the connection between Lithium and Littium Ion Batteries for cell phones, I guess Neo and Morpheus were right eh coppertops.

My message should be clear and concise, for all those going through their stages of mental evolution, please seek holistic, natural means to medicate yourself through the difficult time of change. For those not going through a change, I just have to say:

LEAVE US THE **** ALONE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

your Luna Tic

Nathan John David James Berlett
The ND of the World.

email me with any questions if you get diagnosed or feel symptoms of change. I'll either give you options I know of or put you in the direction and in touch with those who have others.

Evolution doesn't stop, people, we only have our undeveloped mind left to change, please figure it the **** out. THEY are poisoning us and we're your sons and daughters

The eND

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my adress is

nd       .      nathan      . david     @       gmail      .   com

nice try assholes
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