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Depression Only With Period

I have been suffering depression ever since the seventh grade and I am now in my eleventh grade. So in all that is four years, I ended up going to the hospital for cutting and contemplating suicide. I love to watch myself in the mirror as I see my blood flow down my arm. It is a huge relief to see it because I lose myself in it. But I do not do that anymore, well I am fighting myself not to do it. Whenever I see blood, I get the craving to just cut myself up. Instead I just scratch myself now.

I suffer from insomnia and paranoia, they go hand in hand. I can't go to sleep because when I close my eyes I get all paranoid. Plus I get horrible nightmares as well. They are images no one should have to go through. The pills I take are supposed to help but whenever I start my period I end up just going back to my 'normal' self.

I want to know if anybody suffers from the same thing.

People, please know as well though that depression is not a 'fashion' I would never wish this on my worst enemy. No matter how much I hate her/him I would never wish this on them. It is not a 'fashion' it is not 'cool' to have it. So if you are just faking please do not post here. I want to know and hear from real teens who really have depression.
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If you are harming yourself, your family needs to seek medical and psychiatric help, you need intervention. Cutting yourself isn't part of regular depression, it goes a lot deeper then that. If you are doing that at this moment, I high recommend you being admitted to a hospital, so they can keep a closer eye on your, and help stop the behaviours.  This mostly happens with teens, but not always. I'm sure you don't want the cutting scars into your 20's. I know folks who are so upset they have the scars, they wear long sleeve shirts in the summer. Until you seek help, I can pretty much say you will keep on doing this until you learn to vent your depression, pain and anger in other ways.

This is not specifically a teen forum, it's for all  folks 13+. You can always go to the teen depression area, but this isn't really just depression.
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Hi-I have similiar "timing" with my depression, although I have never cut myself.  Talk to a doctor and make sure you tell them ALL of your symptoms.  They can determine which are related and which are not so you don't have to try to figure it all out on your own.  I know I have had some depression since I was very young (4), but as I got older I realized that all of my most severe episodes, unfortunately including suicide attempts, occured right before I got my period.  I know there are treatments available for this, including birth control pills that can regulate your hormones.  That might not be all that's going on, but tell your doctor everything and then you can make a plan together for treatment.  It might help you to write in a journal every day about how you are feeling so you can track it-the mood tracker on here is helpful too.  Just make sure to get help and know that you don't have to feel that way and if your current medication doesn't seem to be working there are other options.
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Since i was younger ive had a mixture of anxiety and depression. It was strange because i didnt think it was possible to want to die in elementary school. I go through depression before, and during my period. Before it, im irritable and think about death and completely morbid thoughts- then i usually have anxiety attacks which leads to inability to sleep and worries about suicide- even though i would never have the guts to do it. then during my period i have these weird rushes of being swept out of reality or not even being alive. Its kind of hard to explain. All i want to do is sit on the couch, when im usually out with playing sports or hanging with friends. Even when im not on my period its bad, but not as  bad as when im on it. Keeping a journal  might help, it never helped me but i know its a good tool. Talking to other people in person about this stuff helps too, even though your telling us this, its always easier to talk over the net. try maybe talking to a friend about it or even your parents.I never thought mine would listen- my mom still doesnt, but my dad does.
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Im 38 , I cut when depressed for 15 years , then I turned to drugs - then I found help . I was very lucky my school councilor understood . Depression can get anyone , male female it does not discriminate . Does talking about it with LIKE MINDED people help YES YES YES YES . 15 mins ago I'd never heard of you NOW anything I can do to help - ASK !!!!!!!!!!!! NO , Im not just saying that - My shoulder is yours My ears are yours , HELP IS HERE FOR THE ASKING - not just me , we all will . ASK and it is yours  
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