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Depression and Vitamin D3

Vitamin D seems to be the hot topic in a lot of health magazines lately.  It seems that a lot of us are deficient. I've read recently that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause mild depression.  So I asked my doctor to include a test of my Vitamin D levels when he was doing other routine blood work.  My D3 level came in at 36 which is on the lower end of normal (should be between 20 and 100).  But have read online that if I got my levels up over 50 or 60 that it might help with my mild on and off depression.  And a very helpful woman at my local health food store told me of her personal experience with D3 supplements helping her depression.  So I just started supplementing with 1000 iu of D3 (I have never heard of Vitamin D3, but this is the one that helps with depression, supposedly).  The health food store lady was taking 2000 iu. But I thought I should start slowly.  Anyone else try supplementing with D3 for their depression?  I'm wondering how long it takes to see any results.  
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Vitamin D3 is not only helpful with your mood but it also supports your immune system and have other benefits­.

The best way to obtain the vitamin D (which is a steroid hormone by the way) is from the sun. This is why you see many people getting what we call seasonal depression during the winter when sun exposure is reduced which means vitamin D levels are reduced.

Personally I take 2,000UI a day and when it's sunny outside and i get sun exposure I just skip. Anyway Vitamin D got a long half-life and is supposed to stay in your system for a while. Some people like to take huge amount once a week, some other take small amount once per day.

1,000UI is a good starting dose and I'm sure it will help you. 2,000UI is the dose you should take during the winter. Anyway don't take it when you go at the beach for example since it would be useless.

Balacing your D levels should happen really fast. I would say 1 month until you can see a difference.

For more info you can google luminitherapy too.

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I have been dealing with depression it seems like from birth. At 16 I was tested and diagnosed with depression and was put on Zoloft. Sure it helped.

When I got married and decided to have children I didn't want to be taking medication during my pregnancies. I informed my doctor that my depression was at it's worst during winter months and she informed me it could be due to lack of vitamin D. So I decided to take vitamin D3 1000 iu and it really has been helping me. I would really recommend it to anyone dealing with depression.
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