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Depression and anxiety

Lately I have been very depressed. I do not feel good I seem to have lump in the throat all the time, pressure in the neck. I don't feel like doing anything, all I am looking for is the night so I can sleep, during the day nothing seems to keep my interest. I am tired and worn out. I started to take Citalopram 5 mg about 10 days ago, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. I don't know if I should keep taking it or go to the doctor and get something else. My daughter is getting married and I need to feel better, please can you give me some advice? I also got Klonopin from the doctor, which makes me even more tired and sleepy.
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Jeeperoonies, do I ever identify with that. Just waiting for sleep.. and then in the morning I'd lay in the sack for anywhere from one to six hours, just dreading getting up and facing the day. Things that are supposed to make you happy (like your daughter getting married, with me it was a new grandchild) just didn't seem to have any meaning. I sure do sympathize with you. I'm not sure what fixed me up.. they tried to give me some of those antidepressant medicines which only created problems. I guess it was a combination of these good folks right here in this conference, plus perhaps I got to riding my bike a lot more and things like that.. like, instead of waking up and going straight to work I'd come in here and see what's going on. I know about the tired and worn out.. it's like you're a sponge that's fully saturated, just can't hold any more. Perhaps if you do something entirely different, something you've never done before.. anything from stamp collecting to having a boyfriend (uh, not saying you've never had a boyfriend, I just mean.. uh, never mind.. i b a dirty old man and lovin' it).. one of the things I did was sign up for the Jehovah's Witnesses to come out and discuss theology every week. I'm not religious, but debating philosophy with them can be very entertaining.. things like that.  I guess some folks do find a solution in those mind altering drugs.. for myself, I don't like anything that makes me feel like other than me, even if me be sad. Whatever, I sure am soory you're feeling like that, and if there's anything I can do, just say it.

-El Dave
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Soory = sorry, of course.
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(Dave, stop talking about alternative fixes for sex    ;-)  , it's personal what we do about that!!! **cheeky grin** I know so well what you mean, but that's really something everyone is going to find out - if at all needed...) ;-) GREAT input, your whole message above!


Take joy in th fact that your daughter is getting married! Maybe the guy wasn't as you'd thought he would be, but at least she's going to be happy on her wedding night! It's a weding night - hurray?

I don't have the best answers in the world, I know. I was on citalopram for my depression but it was wrong. I knew it after a week. Then you've got to seek out the other alternatives. I'm trying to get a list up on what sorts of antidepressiva-alternatives there are, but it's not working this far. There are tricyclic agents and MAO's and serotonin inhibitors. The alternatives are quite a few!
Do never give up on finding the right AD! It really is out there. Just ask for something else than the "fashion drugs". The fashion drugs are over-advertised and overrated. (I don't know what does this, maybe they just need to sell....). There are too many young business men out there today without scientific flesh on their bones....

For me, Remeron (mirtazapine) took anxiety away and helped me cope very well with my dperession. The results were absolutely not immediate and it only dulled down the feeling of being overwhelmed, and really: That was enough. I leant a whole great deal on the AD's and trusted them with all I had. I had no other choice.

After 10 days it's no idea to give up. Start looking for alternatives. Ask friends how they have coped and ask them if they have heard of anything else. Please look back for replies in here too! There IS hope!

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But stamp collecting is a GREAT alternative fix for sex!

Seriously, just to clarify, I wasn't talking about sex necessarily. That's just one of many different things a person can o, and is, of course, one an old goat like me finds particularly useful. What I was trying to convey is that doing something entirely different (but not necessarily sexual) can sometimes give a person who feels all used up a reason to face the day.

-El Dave
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o = do, of course.
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It feels so good to hear other people talk about their experience. I retired two years ago from supervisory position, where I worked with 30 people and all of a sudden my life has been empty, that's when the depression started. I have great husband, introvert, while I used to be extrovert, but we get along well. But every day when I get up I feel is if my life has no meaning, no purpose anymore. Of course my only child leaving doesn't hlep matters. I miss exitement of work, yet being 67 even though I am young looking and used to be very active I don't think I would be able to work anymore. So all of this is weighing heavily on my shoulders. Two years ago I went through depression for the first time in my life, because of the above and Cipralex helped, but I guess only for so long.
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Why don't you and your old man (sorry, we use that term for my youngest daughter's husband, too,  it's just a term we use) get yourselves a big ol' motorcycle and cruise your way into happier times?

Isn'y it funny about kids leaving the nest? Sometimes, when they're giving you grief when they're younger, you just can't wait for the day they move out and you get your life back. Then they grow up and do move out, and you find that the life you thought you wanted back is empty without them running around the house and being your focus. But it gets better, honest it does.

-El Dave
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"one of the things I did was sign up for the Jehovah's Witnesses to come out and discuss theology every week. I'm not religious, but debating philosophy with them can be very entertaining.. things like that."

LOL! The funniest thing about that is the fact that I honestly think your serious!

You crack me up Dave!
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Is there anyway you could get a referal to see a Psychiatrist? From the description of your symptoms it really does sound as if you may be suffering a Clinical Depression.

Klonipin is not always the best medication for many people suffering depression because it can add to the exaustion that depression is often famous for.

I am a firm believer that Psycotropic medications should only be prescribed by a Board Certified Psychiatrist.

BTW keep in mind that medications like Citalopram, AKA Celexa, can take up to 30 days before a response can be expected.

Regardless I really think you would do much better under the care of a Psychiatrist. Other kinds of doctors just don't have the training and experience to prescribe these types of medications.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Actually, I am serious. They understand that I believe the bible was written by politicians for political purposes, but are nonetheless eager to tell me their interpretation of it. It is very interesting to discuss such things with people whose viewpoint is so different. And contrary to popular opinion, it has NOTHING to do with the French lady that comes with them being beautiful. Well, not as much as you might suspect to do with it, anyway.

It's just another kind of spice one can add to life when it gets boring.
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Today is my daughter's wedding shower. I am so depressed and anxious I don't know how am I going to manage to sit with 20 women and put up good front for my daughter. I feel like not going, but I can't do that to her. I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up!
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