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Depression and pregnancy

Is anybody pregnant that's been clinically depressed before the pregnancy. How do you cope? Are you on medication. I'm on buproprion 300 mg once a day
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The only thing I can relate to is that my ex was on Wellbutrin when she was pregnant because it was deemed the only safe anti-depressant for her.  She was on Zoloft before she got pregnent and although the Wellbutrin didn't work as well as the Zoloft it did help.  She was bipolar type 2.  I supported her an tried to keep her our of bed while she was pregnant to keep her from going too far into her depression.
Some may have some better advice but mine is to try to stay as active as possible.
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Depression during pregnancy can be controlled by joining in new parenting groups. To overcome from postpartum depression. I have joined the group. Now I'm free from it.
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my youngest son is 8yrs old now, but before I got pregnant I was diagnosed with severe depression.  I stayed on my perscribed anti depressant but I can tell you there were good days and there were horrible days.  I am not proud of this by no means I was 6 months pregnant on my way home from work and it popped into my head what would happen if I drove full speed into a pole?  I thought about it for a little and i then yelled at myself for even thinking about it.  Thank God I came to my sences.  I honestly think having children was the begining of all my mental health problems.  I was fine before my pregnancy after his diagnosed with severe depression and after my second one I was diagnosed with bipolar.  I never have regreated having my babies but I am 99% positive if I were to have a third child I wouldnt be here today it would have sent me over the edge.  Find a theropist to talk to as long as u are going once a week it just might keep u from going over the edge and it is always nice to talk to someone who doesnt judge you for what u have to say.  Also if you want to friend me I will listen without judging promise.
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