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I have ocd and anxiety and up until a year ago had bad depression.
Iv been on meds for about a year now but over the last 2 weeks have noticed my thoughts are bothering me again and making me feel very down. My moods completely dropped and I'm worried my meds have stop having an effect. Last time I felt this way was over a year ago when I was in deep depression, and now I'm scared as I'm having some of the same symptoms pop up again.
My worries generally evolve around irrational fears of catching an illness, partciliary irrational fears of hiv. Iv had therapy which didn't really help to much. Does my medication need changing? Is this the reason why I'm feeling crap again? Any help would be great as I don't think.I can deal with feeling depressed again. Thanks.
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Could be.  Discuss this with your psychiatrist.  But as to your therapy, it's a very individual thing -- if one therapist doesn't work out, try another, don't give up.
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Iv had 3 therapists over the years which helped a little but I always found cbt to be difficult and hard to understand and actually use in my daily life. Medication seemed to be the only thing that worked up untill now. I don't necessarily feel as down as I did last year but I'm getting all the starting systoms, head pressure, feeling sad, being stuck in my head, sleeping patterns way off, loss of appetite and just as general feeling of loneliness and that dark cloud creeping over me. I will ring my doctor today and see what he says, and if I want therapy again I will have to be put onto a waiting list again which can take months! So for the time being maybe my meds need changing as iv read on many pages they can just stop working and need to be altered to be effective again. Let's just hope I'm feeling this way because it's Christmas and a new year is just round the corner. Iv been through alot over the last 5 months, lost my gf, had to leave me job as they were going to sack me, so I have no income at the mo. I'm just hoping that my usual irrational thoughts are feeling worse as it's Christmas and I'm not on the best of situations.
Mental illness really does suck!
Realize that medication doesn't make life stop happening.  Neither does therapy.  Had the same problem with CBT, by the way, but you gotta keep trying.  I didn't, and now I wish I had.  But you've had bad things happen and so you feel bad.  Time will pass and you won't feel as bad anymore.  That part of life will never go away.  Too many people think their medication is treating the problem, but it isn't -- it's suppressing the problem but the meds don't address whatever causes these feelings because we don't know what does.  And meds do poop out, especially when stress increases.  
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You make some good points here, I have had a stressful 4 5 months especially when things ended between me and my gf so maybe it's finally taking its toll on my head and as it's Christmas it's all just to much at the moment. I'm hoping come Jan 2017, it will feel like a fresh plate and maybe I will snap out of it. I just feel as if my brain is on overdrive so I literally can't sit there and chill out as my head is just constantly being bombarded by thoughts and images. I understand the meds may just be poping out I'm just hoping there still doing there job and stop me from falling into a deep pit of depression like last year. Words can't describe how bad I felt back then, I really don't no how i got through it.
I just get anxious I'm going to have a relapse, and i really can't afford this considering I need to sort my life out come Jan. Thanks for the advice.
I had this happen to me -- breakups were always what broke me the most in life.  The first antidepressant I was on for anxiety stopped working when I suffered a bad breakup.  
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