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Hi all..  
I have not really been diagnosed with anything yet.  For the past 5 years I have just felt just felt down.  I have crying spells that just come out from nowhere, i dont sleep very well, my mind is racing, i have a hard time with concentration, all the things I have loved to do for years just do not seem that interesting anymore.  

I have had some things happen lately, I got laid off from work, my wife go laid off too, the two kids are off to collage (and doing well)  and I can contribute some of the lonelyness and emptyness coming from that... but had the same feeling 5 years ago when none fo this was happeing.  Since then I have a new job and i really cannot complain about anything in my life EXCEPT that I feel REAL sad inside.. all the time where there is nothing to be sad about.
With all the things going on in the world now..  I am really fortunate.  I feel guilty many times because i have nothing to upset about.. but my mind wont let it go for some reason

A question I have is about medication.  I do not like taking medication but i know sometimes it is needed.  I understand there is situational depression that relates to something going on in your life.  Since I dont have a situation that I recognize as the source of this sadness.. besides normal LIFE situations, can medication help when you cannot identify a source.  

It is hard to make it through each day feeling so down. How do you regain that happiness and joys that i know exist in this world?  i know it does not happen over night, but I need a plan and goals to work towards and as of now I am having a hard time creating a plan.  any help or comments will we welcomed.  Hope all is well with you  all!!!    :-)'  
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I just read your post and thought I would share my experience. I am a 56 yr. old male that has had varying stages of depression for yrs. After trying at least 7 different anti-depressants over the last 7+ yrs that did not help, I had my testosterone level checked. I found that my testosterone level was low, but in the "normal" range. One thing about the testo ranges is that some people have almost 10 times as much, but all seem to be "normal" numbers. That just did not seem right to me, so I talked my MD into taking self injections of testosterone. It helped me much more than the anti-depressants, and was much cheaper. The site www.thehiddendisease.com has some very helpful info-well worth a look. Best of luck, Rando88
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You said  that you have crying spells that just come out from nowhere, you dont sleep very well, your mind is racing, you have a hard time with concentration, all the things you have loved to do for years just do not seem that interesting anymore.  

You do not have to feel like this.  This is classic depression and there is treatment available, this treatment works very well for a lot of people and you can live a full and happy life again.
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