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Depression never cured....merely managed??

got a new b*tch of a therapist...community based...so I didn't choose her...she HATES ME...and I'm not paranoid.  Seems to feel Ive been going there for so long and I'm NOT CURED...so why do I bother?  Say what?  I told her that depression is never cured and she should know that...she disagrees.....can't actually believe what she said.  Any thoughts?  She's basically taken me off all my meds besides low does Prozac despite my depression, feelings of sadness, hopelessness, no support network in a strange country, battling to cope, sleep, eat.....  Any advice???
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Can you request to see another therapist, I'm sure they have more than one?  I would go to someone in authority and discuss this therapist's actions. You should be feeling somewhat better if your previous therapist was any good, and got to the root cause of your depression, but often even after therapy you still need medication.  I would just try to start fresh with the whole thing, and go from there.  Good luck, I know it's frustrating but go the appropriate route by speaking to someone who has the authority to help you with this, and to get you another therapist.  I do think depression can be cured, it all depends on "why" you are depressed.  Some people suffer the loss of a loved one and go into a depression, but with counseling and time return to normal.  A divorce, loss of job, etc can all send one into a depression.  Sometimes it may be something that happened to us as a child which we have chose to forget, and often with therapy we dicover this and deal with it and are able to move on, medication free.  But it sounds like you are not at that point, and may never be, I don't know.  But I would definitely talk to someone and get back into therapy with a new therapist.  Good luck with all this.  Take care..
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I was told by a doctor there is reactive depression where something happens in your life and you become depressed which normally can be helped by counselling,or a chemical imbalance that causes depression which is different altogether and needs medication to correct the imbalance,my doctor feels I will always have trouble getting off my medication as it keeps everything balanced.Any opinions on this?

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I think you should try and see someone else if that is possible, i too have depression but i have a great therapist and social worker who support me totally but i did once have a therapist who was so useless they frustrated me, i was telling them how i felt but he disagreed with me as if i was wrong in the end he gave up on me and told me that therapy wasn't working and basically it was my fault so he didn't help my faith in life or myself. I had no therapy for years after that but was eventually put back in therapy and i believe he affected me badly which resulted in me needing more therapy and not having faith in therapists, so if you can see someone else you need someone to listen to you and help you.
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Thanks for all the advice peeps...I TRULY APPRECIATE IT.  Had depression all my life as far as I've been aware..so it's not reactional depression....just that deep dark hole that gets worse sometimes and you just can't see the sides, combined with anxiety and insomnia.  So here I am, taken off all meds....all at once, faced with that insensitive cow's 'opinions'.  In all my dealings with psych ppl...never faced anyone so nasty - and I'm not being paranoid, but she took an instant dislike to me, and was like 'you're wasting our time, what are we doing for you if you're not cured?  We don't do meds (when they clearly give to everyone else...us patients do chat and I've been going there long enough).  Just fuming at the way I was treated...after being so upset.  Told her she couldn't just 'abandon me' (have no family in this country, no support network) so it was just unbelievable that she cared so little!!!  Seeing someone else tomorrow (her sidekick....she wants to give me 20mg of Prozac when I've been on it for years and it clearly isn't helping)....If I wasn't so freaked out I'd laugh....  Thanks again everyone!  Happy Monday!
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Good luck tomorrow and i hope it works out for you.
I know how scary it is when no one seems to listen but keep talking to them and keep telling them you need help don't let them put you of. I,ve had anxiety and panic attacks for 16 years with depression on and off but lately its got worse and i sometimes feel i have to battle to get help. Good luck
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I'm lucky living in Australia,because my depression and anxiety started for no reason and I had counselling my GP who has been my doctor for 20 years looks after my medication,we try different doses every so often but it seems it is only kept under control with the 200mg zoloft,I don't have to see people who don't know me which is great.

Good luck with your new counsellor  Denise
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