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Depression or what?

Hi, everyone!

Doctor says I may have "reactive anxiety."  Due to a fear of a very serious illness which I'll not mention here.  I DON'T have that illness.   I have taken online quizzes for depression, and they all say I have severe depression.

But here's the thing, I've experienced these symptoms:

Herpes Outbreaks(I have NEVER had these EVER before)
Complete loss of appetite(Lost over 15 pounds in 3 weeks, I'm normally 137lbs)
Hair loss(especially when I shampoo)
Joint pains(wrists, knees, elbows, ankle)
Back Ache(upper and lower)
Chest Ache
Muscle ache
Swollen Lymph Node
Choking sensation(it worsens when I'm about to cry)
Trouble Sleeping(Sometimes getting to sleep is hard, mostly staying asleep is worst)
Panic/Anxiety Attacks(These just started recently)
Pain/aches in abdomen area

1) Does the level of depression have anything to do with the symptoms?  Like I have depression but I know it's not as bad as before but why am I having bad knee pain?

2) Are these symptoms even stress/anxiety/depression related?

3) Is it possible to lose appetite completely for a week, and wake up the next morning just as stressed as ever but get your hunger back?

4) Anyone have any pointers on how to recover from my messed up appetite?

5) I know I'm in a messed up state, and need nutrition... If I have to focus on eating something when I'm not all that hungry, what would be the most beneficial?

6) Could some of these symptoms be more related to the lack of food?

7) Now that I'm not as afraid as before, how long before I start to see full recovery?  I've noticed a huge difference but still experience aches and pains.

8) Can you have anxiety/depression and not notice it?  Like even though I continue with my life can I still have anxiety/depression and not know it?

Thank you all in advance!!!

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Hey...just FYI...you received 2 replies to the same thread you posted in the Anxiety forum.  Just wanted to be sure you saw them!!!

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Are you stressed out? I know when I get really stressed out I get most of if not all of these symptoms. I know it sounds rediculous to get joint pains and physical symptoms for stress. But when you are stressed out you are more suceptible to sickness that might be going around. And then you get more stressed because you don't know whats wrong. If this is what I think it is...You just have severe stress in your life. My advice: Take a week off of school or work. Stay in your pajamas and (i know this sounds gross) but shower only if you need too during this week off and when you do shower, its better to bathe in lavander and chamomile. The reason being that your body has an invisble layer over your skin that protects you from bacteria going in your body. And most soaps will wash away this layer and it has to build over again. I hope this works!! And if this doesnt...you will know for future times when your stressed.
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When I read your symptoms, a few thoughts came to mind. But, most importantly - did you receive a complete physical, with a comprehensive blood panel? How is your thyroid? Do you take any supplements or other drugs?
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get a second opinion *******!
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