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Depression recovery

I have been feeling really anxious lately because all the websites I visit say depression is USUALLY recoverable. does this mean thats not everyone can recover or what?! please help me cant stop worrying about this :(
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There is no cure, some poeple have reoccurring depression which means they have more than one episode, some people's depression is worst than other, so everyone is different and it is not healthy to compare yourself to others, what is important is your recovery but yes some poeple spend most there lives depressed, for many different reasons including they don't seek treatment.

Just because some people take longer, or need more meds or don't get better at the same rate doesn't mean that will be you, doesn't mean you wont get better and live a happy long life. But treatment is important!

Hope this helps,
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I keep on telling myself that depression is almost like some incurable disease after discovering some people don't recover and also after finding about chemical imbalances. What do you suggest I do to make myself believe I can recover? I am scared that something is physically holding me back, if it was something mental that was holding me back I would have alot more confidence that i could make a full recovery!
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Have you been to a doctor or counsellor yet? They will be able to help you. It takes a while for anti depressants to work and there are side effects but it's helping me. Feeling hopeless is just part of the depression. Recovery is possible it just takes time, effort, persistance, staying social. All the things I struggle with basically.
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im the same way. anxious. you know. the subconcious matters allot. also, the reason they say may or might is because todays science never says "absolutely will" if you are trying a therapy write about it. if you are unhappy go through the procedure of speaking to the doctor. doctors may refer you, but eventually, as long as you write everything down in a place that can not be destroyed, things will be checked off, and eventually a reason will be found.
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I have been on anti depressants for months, do exercise every day, see friends every day, meditate every day etc etc and still anxious/depressed :( I will make sure to keep writing things in my diary because I totally believe that what you say is very true! In time the important things will be easier to see. I have brought up this issue with my psychologist and they say that chemical imbalances are nothing to be worried about and that I can recover if I do the right things.. Still makes me worry though what if I'm one of those people that does the right things but never recovers :S
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Sometimes it takes time, i know it is hard but hang in there, it sounds like you have got the right poeple trying to help you. People do get better, it is possible.

I wish you luck
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