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Depression twice a year, during the same time, for the last six years.

Well, at this time, I am depressed. I am overly sleepy and lazy, I'm comfort eating, and I haven't been to school in going on three weeks. I just lost the desire, which is madness because I love my classes. I get anxious when thinking about simple things like bus rides and walking into my college with all the other students.

I've had these same symptoms since I was about twelve. I've missed at least 400 days of school time since seventh grade. At least. It starts in late September and goes to November. Then it's gone. Near the end of Febuary, it comes back, and lasts to around April. It's quite like clockwork. I have a difficult time with it because depression is hard to explain to teachers, to classmates, to everybody. People have difficulty getting it. And now I am eighteen and in college, trying to be grown up and mature about the situation. This is difficult because of my anxiety. I am just paralyzed at the thought of returning to school. I have a scholarship I could lose, family and friends giving me the eye, and a part-time job I am trying to maintain.

What should I do? Just numb myself and go back to school, then cry later? Or should I drop the classes and get some help? I had to do that in high school, but I thought I could grow out of this. I don't know why I thought a year would make a difference in such an issue.

But I'm digressing. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks so much,

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Hi Amber,
It could be SAD disorder , caused by lack of sun light in the winters.
Try Amoryn for light depression.it works without any side effects.Have you considered seeing a therapist? Also cut back on sugar and processed foods.They are known to make the problem worse...
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   Is there acounselor at your school that you could talk to?  also maybe postpone school till you can get a handle on the depression. you can slways go back.( I did when I was 34)
I go through much the same during Jan and Feb. I get out doors as much as possible and walk for at least 30 miin. this raises the seritonin and helps you out of the depression. eat healthy and get regular rest. good luck
Love Venora
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I also have to wonder if there are any traumas in your past that have occurred during these times? I get especially depressed during certain times of the year because of traumas I have dealt with during that time years ago. It's called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Maybe that may help. God bless.
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Traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, is a safe and effective way to deal with depression. Acupuncture, herbal formulas, and other Chinese medical modalities have been used in China for over 5000 years, but have only recently become mainstream in the United States in the last twenty-five years. The people who come to my clinic looking for help with their depression, are typically those who have already tried everything else. Often they have tried seven or eight different anti-depressant prescriptions, with disappointing results. Either the drugs didn?t work, or the side effects were too unpleasant, or they didn?t want to take anti-depression drugs for the rest of their lives. Almost every one of my patients feels that acupuncture has definitely improved their quality of life. A number of scientific studies also supply a great deal of evidence on how and why acupuncture can help depression. A clinical study has shown that patients who received acupuncture treatments experienced significant reduction in depression symptoms. After treatment, more than half no longer met the criteria for clinical depression. Statistically, that makes acupuncture just as effective as antidepressants. Studies also show that acupuncture can change the levels of many neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, that profoundly affect mental states.

May be you can try some herbal medication called-Multi-functional Tonic Pills to Invigorate Yin which you can fine more infromation on the tcmadvisory website together with the acupuncture.

Best wishes!
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I was gonna say something similar to the what the first person said. It may be SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which I tend to get because I am very depressed in the colder, darker months even though we don't have very extreme seasons here. The more extreme the seasons are, the worse it could get. You may be feeling better toward the end of November and through December and on because of the fact that you are out of school and you get to spend time with the family and its a more festive time of year. But I would try to work on getting as much sunlight as possible. Hope I helped some. Good luck!
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