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I want to stop taking medications for my depression. Is this a good idea? I just want to be happy without having to take medications.

I really need some advice please help me on this question.

Thank you
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Hello to you,

It is what everyone with depression wants to do Liam. And everyone just wants to be happy too.

The problem is the illness, depression.

If you have been prescribed medication for depression and have been taking it as prescribed can you say you feel better than before you started taking them?

If so then the likelihood is that if you stop taking them the depression will simply return. Unless you have identified and corrected problems and issues in your life that were causing depression that is.

Depression doesn't just disappear because we want it to. You have to work hard with treatment to achieve that. Therapy is the best method but medictaion is necessary for many to be avle to cope day to day.

The real answer to your question is ask your doctor as they know you and how well you are.
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Hello Liam, I have accepted your invitation to be your friend.  There are not many of us who live in the UK.  I would love to happy without anti-depressant medication.  I have had the illness many years, and when I think I am better I stop my meds, and then it always comes back.  Last year I stopped taking medication I had been on for years.  I was feeling so well.  It took a year for the depression to come back this time.  Before that it took 6 months to come back.  It is up to you whether you want to stop or not.  You may well not need medication again.  On the other hand, once you have had depression, there is a great possibility that you will get it again.  It is up to you.  How long have you been on medication?  Have you talked to your doctor about stopping medication?  I did not and unfortunately the withdrawal was very bad as I did not taper off slowly.  You will need help to stop.  Let me know what you decide.
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This is something you should talk to your doctor about. Getting off medicion on your own is always a bad idea. But see what your doc says. If the medicion is helping you and you get off of it the symptoms are more likely to return just like was said above. Depression is like any other illness that is tough to deal with. But like I said if you decide to quit the medicion inform your doctor.
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