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I'm a 25, alcoholic woman who is severly depressed. So I think. I have a one year old son. I feel like I will never be happy and sober. Although I want to be. I'm currently going to AA, but don't think it's helping. I am also married. I take alot of my pain and anger out on my husband. I just want to be happy. I'm tired of my life. How can I be happy??
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AA is a good place to start and you could also use the help of a psychologist. I think once you tackled your problem with alcohol you will be more likely to succeed at treating depression.

Try to find some good hobbies that will get away from alcohol like outdoor activities, exercise, hobbies etc.

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I agree with stressed1984, alcohol is a known depressant so it is likely that your addiction to it is worsening your depression. It's a slow process but you have already taken the first step to being happy. Find a local group with information/support for depressives and go to it alongside your AA meetings.

Whilst you may need to tackle the alcohol issue first it cant help to seek advice on depression in the meantime - and hopefully the advice from each group will feed into one another. As for taking anger out on your husband i would suggest you try writing down how you feel instead. Attacking paper can be surprisingly effective when it comes to offloading all the pain you are feeling - it will allow you to express yourself, show your husband the way you feel (if you wish to show him) and also allow you to analyse your thoughts at a later time when you don't feel as angry or depressed. Another bonus is that once you are done you can always discard the paper in whatever manner you see fit. Thought i'd add this as it worked for me!

As a final word i would say - don't rush yourself, as difficult as it seems try to be patient with your progress, remember every little step counts!

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Have you sought treatment for depression?  Were you depressed before problems with drinking?
Many people with depression self medicate with alcohol.  Since it's a depressant it only makes the underlying condition worse.
Going to AA is a great thing and many positive things can come from it.  If it doesn't help relieve your depression symptoms then seek further help.
Let us know how you make out.
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