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Is it bad to be on Wellbutrin XL long term? How long is too long?
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I have had depression for 20 years, and know I must stay on medication for the rest of my life.  I am 69 so not so bad, for a younger person it must be a worry.  Obviously you have to stay on an anti-depressant until you feel you are well enough to stop.

I have stopped 3 times, but for me, the depression always comes back.  You have to decide what is best for you.  It is known that depression does often return.  Try stopping, if you feel you want to, and see how you go.  Only you can decide.
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I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with bipolar type 2, where depression is the main symptom. Recently I've been having a lot of issues with anger, irritability, and these paranoid like thoughts that my bf is cheating on me, going to leave, etc. I'm cycling rapidly where one minute I'm ok, the next I'm sad, then I become very angry. I'm on Zoloft..been on lexapro and abilify at the same time and that combo caused me to have horrible suicidal thoughts. Any suggestions on medications that will really help stabilize my mood?
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If you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder,  just been on an antidepressant is not wise - it can spike the mania (I've seen that, and it's not pretty).  There are some medications but one that seems to have been approved by many governments is Zyprexa (Olanzapine).  It should be in a generic form now, so it should be cheaper than the name brand version.  As you have been diagnosed with BAD II, your doctor should not have a problem prescribing it.  Starting dosage could be 10 mg/day. The medication seems to be a bit more effective than the anticonvulsants, lithium, etc.  Antidepressants can be prescribed as adjunct therapy.  Good luck!
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