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I am 34 yrs man live in Mumbai (India). I feel lonely & sadness all the times. I have lost my confidence & I feel my memory is also shrinking. I am also feeling a continuous thoughts including sexual thoughts. I’m working as a telecom engineer but salary is very less. My past was not good. I have much more to say can’t recall in a proper order. In past I suffered of depression many times. I have taken medical help but couldn’t continue due to financial problem.
I heard that meditation & kundalini yoga can help to cure on such problem, I request to suggest me some good natural remedy to overcome of my situation. I also need someone to analyze my whole situation, skills & advice me accordingly. I always think about unprivileged people & would like to work with such orgnization. Please suggest some online /home base so I can study more & hopefully get a good job too. I also request to advice me all alternative solution like astrology, meditation, kundalini yoga & other alternative ways. Please advise me either free or less paying solution near me. Please also let me know some good counseling center in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. My mail ID is shekhar.***@****
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