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Has anyone tried Celexa, if so, how long till you felt better?  What kind of side effects did you experience?  Any suggestions for any other antidepressants...that you find work well, thank you!  
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Anti depressants work differently for different people,so its really a case of trying to see what works for you.You might have side effects in the first few weeks that pass,also it takes a few weeks to take effect.hope it works for you! lily
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Lilymoon is absolutely right.  Usually it takes effect starting about 3 weeks afterwards.  Most common initial side effects are nausea, indigestion and sleepiness, but they usually go away after a few weeks.  Personally Celexa did absolutely nothing for me, but I know several people for whom it works great.  It's the first-line drug for a reason - it's the least dangerous anti-depressant, with the least chance of side-effects.  Don't worry, just try it and see how it goes.  And if it doesn't work, tell your doctor and they can try you on another.  Lots of people find Celexa to be great, and lots of people don't, so they have to try another, and maybe even more before they find what works right.  
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Yeah i didn't have much success with Celexa. but they say most anti depressants should start working at about 2 or 3 weeks. I got sexual disjunction as a side effect but other than it it was like i wasn't taking it. but as capegirlnoshoes said the medication will work for some people and not others. as all our brains are a bit different.  Can't say i can suggest any anti depressants as i have bipolar and none that i have tried have helped me.

I would defiantly say try it and see how it goes for you. as you can only know if it works for you if you try it. Good Luck
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Realy like Celexa.  Of all the antidepressants I tried, I felt the best when on this.  Problem:  major weight gain.  The Celexa site states it does not cause weight gain.  Ask a few million people.  It is fast and impossible to get off.  35lbs in 3months.  Be careful to watch your weight.  I looked into it and found it is used to treat anorexia and bulimia.  Maybe there is something in the chemical composition that reacts drastically different with some people.  I hope it works for you.  
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