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How do you know if your suffering from depression and anxiety? I'm pretty sure I am but am embarrassed about going to my university doctor's as the issue is complex and quite embarrassing. I'm considering making a fake source of depression up in order to be prescribed anti-depressants?
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Hi there first of all I'd like to warn you about the fake thing.. medication is not a play thing, anti depressants carry risks and won't give you a high if you're not depressed, they can cause weight gain, weight loss, irregular heart beats and loads of other serious side effects.

Depression presents differently from one person to another but generally these are some of the symptoms :-

Feelings of despair/sadness

Changes in appetite/ weight loss or gain

Feeling tired all the time

Thoughts of suicide or harming oneself

Sleeping problems..being tired but unable to sleep or stay asleep/ over sleeping

Not enjoying activities that you previously enjoyed

Those are just some symptoms, there is a lot more information about depression on this site.
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Taking the step to get help is a big one. I cried all day before I went to my first psychologist appointment because I felt embarassed, pathedic that I couldnt just help myself, and just plain different from everyone else since Im young in high school and none of my friends experience what I do.  But let me tell you, once you get the help you need you will thank yourself.  Depression is nothing to be embarassed about.  Dont lie...becuase if you lie then you wont help your depression.  Anti-depressents WILL NOT make the depression go away...it will just make the SYMPTOMS of depression fade a little.  THerapy helps to sort out whats going through your mind and helps build you up to be a happier and stronger person.  Medicine and therapy combined is the absolute best treatment for anxiety/depression.

Also, think of it like this...if you go to a psychologist or therapist or whatever...their job is to talk to people in difficult situations and they have heard EVERYTHING. so Im sure they have heard worse, or at least something similar to what you have gone through.  Do yourself a favor and dont lie, and get help.  Good luck!
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thanks a lot for the advice , much appreciated. Cheers

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