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I always seem to feel down/sad, even on a happy occasion I still feel sad. Im always tired, I have problems sleeping (Sometimes not being able to sleep at all and other times oversleeping) But I cant remember the last time I had a proper sleep. My appetite has changed, I never feel hungry but I eat so much anyway. I get very anxious too. And I have frequent headaches, stomach problems and sometimes muscle pains. I feel worthless. And I dont really think about dying/committing suicide, but I do sometimes think about what would happen if i did. I'm not very social anymore either, but thats because im shy and because of recent events.
Could this be depression?  How can I deal with it?
Thank you, In advance.
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Hi there. It certainly fits the criteria for depression but I see that you are quite young and so it may also be hormonal changes which usually occur */at your age. Is there anything in particular which caused this mood change? If there is, then perhaps you need to evaluate the issue and try to solve it. Also, I know being a teenager is hard, its probably the hardest point in a person's life. While you are a child, you have the courtesy of seeing things purely in black and white and have important decisions made for you. As an adult, you are more mature and equipped to deal with situations as they come. But as a teenager, you are just so stuck in the middle, trying desperately to figure out how things work.

Try getting involved in school. You could join a club or a sport, or both. Being apart of something gives you the feeling of belonging. I know high school is a drag with all the cliques and it can be quite uncomfortable so being apart of a team gives you the opportunity to make some friends. Hence, making school life some what more bearable. However, if these horrible feelings persist, please seek the help of your Guidance Counselor. You may speak to a teacher you can trust as well.

Please take care!

xoxoxoxo Anna
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whether it be because of your hormones or because of an actual diagnosed depressed illness, the fact that the problems are affecting you so much makes it very real in my book.
My son is a little older than you and has just been unfortunately diagnosed with a mood disorder, I have watched him struggle with depressive episodes, quite badly over the last 6 months.
Kayannaboo makes a good point about your age and that hormones can run riot at 14 but what I would also like to say is I was 13 yrs when depressive episodes really started to make my life unbearable, I received no support from anywhere and that can make it even harder.
You sound like your really struggling with things, is there anyone you feel comfortable enough to confide in? I think that would certainly help you, I wish I had done that.
Feeling worthless, emotional, becoming withdrawn and not sleeping or sleeping too much all describe what can being depressed can feel like and for the record being a teenager in this day and age can feel at times exactly the same so I am reliably informed.
AnyWay, bottom line is this, you need to speak to someone about how you feel a.s.a.p,, has there there been anything that has happened recently that could have started this?
Here where I live in the UK, they don't prescribe medication to people of your age. Only a specialist can decide that in certain cases that medication is needed and that would be after trying therapy. I wish there was an over night cure for you but as you know there isn't. No matter how much I wish I could take this feeling away and trust me if I could I would in a heartbeat.
Please confide in someone and let us know how your doing soon.
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HI there,  I'm sorry you are feeling this way.  I think that your best course of action is to talk to someone.  I think that at your age, you really need the support of your parents.  Your mom would be a perfect choice and she would want to be included in this discussion.  She'll have all kinds of information for you about things like if SHE's ever felt that way or anyone else in your family, what she feels is normal and she would be the one to get further intervention if the two of you decide that you may have symptoms of depression.  There are important things that go into being diagnosed as depressed.  One of the criteria is that one must have the symptoms every day for at least two weeks straight.  We ALL go through periods of being down and having the blues but that is different than clinical depression.  If you get to the point that you feel this way for longer than two weeks and it seems like it is all the time, I really encourage to talk to your mom then if you aren't willing to bring it up to her right from the start.  

Two things you can do that might have some benefit is first, exercise.  This releases the brain's natural 'happy' chemical.  It is good for mind, body and soul.  And second, keeping a journal is really helpful to not only get your thoughts written out but so that you can look back at them and notice any patterns such as triggers to a down mood or bad day.  It is also a good idea to stay connected to positive people in your life.  When we are in a 'rut' and not wanting to do something social, try pushing yourself a few times and see if you don't end up having fun.  But when you are going through a rough time, it is best to stick to people that you view as positive and lacking in many personal issues themselves.  Keep positive energy around you.  

Again, I would really talk to your family.  They'll want to help you and if they feel you have depression, they could set up some counseling services for you.  These early teen years are tough (if I remember correctly . . .  been a while for me) and I do so hope you feel better.  Good luck and peace
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Hi.  I'm no doctor but I have been diagnosed with a major depression disorder.  Everything you mentioned fit me to the last letter.  I know how lonely it can all feel, and I hope you find the strength to get some professional help for this.  Left untreated, it can and will manifest itself in many ways albeit none of them positive.

Specialmom's advice is always sound and I agree that it would be a great time to let your family in on how you feel.  Sometimes just getting your problems off of your chest can be a relief.
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