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I have been suffering from depression symptoms for nearly two years now although I didnt know it was depression. It was only when it got so bad recently that I started to look on the internet and found I may have depression. Basically I feel low most of the time, I dont get much if any enjoymetn, I sleep too much, feel weak and have out 16lbs on in one month (very out of character) I cry all the time but sometimes I cry and then realise I actually feel quite numb a lot of the time. occcasionally I get so upset i think what is the point. after much persuasion i plucked up the courage to vist a doctor but i couldnt seem to explain myself very well and couldnt really explain because i felt too embarresed and stupid. (i even ended up crying to the doctor because the receptionist had been rude to me, obviously making me look like a idiot). the doctor was so blank, she didnt assess me and seemed to focus on the fact that i was able to go to uni (even tho i explained i miss a lot of classes through oversleeping) she basically told me to try and seek some sort of councelling through the university and gave me a reference for a depression book to read after me telling her i often cant concentrate. I cant explain how **** i felt i cryed for hours. it took a lot for me to go and then she was so cold and spent her time trying to find inconsistancies in what i was saying. i just want to know what others would advise that i do next? i may try and get in touch with the councellors at uni but i havent got anything to say i dont know why i feel this way and the doctor was totally unhelpful and i dont see point if going end up with someone just the same.
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You could get an appointment at a mental health clininc. You may end up waiting a couple weeks tho. In my experiance i don't waste time with regular M.D.'s I want somebody who is educated in mental health. Look in your phone book under physicians. Then go to mental health. It should give you a list.
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My daughter is also in college and I have encouraged her to speak with someone from the mental health clinic at school. These people are trained to understand and help you find a solution to your probelems. I get so angry when I hear of a GP (doctor) who instead of helping makes the person feel worse than they already feel.

I have a son who is 18...when he was 16 our family was going through great turmoil and he was clinically depressed. I had convinced him that we should see his doctor so maybe she could recommend either a mental health doctor (insurance-need referals) or temporarily give him some medication to help him get through this rough patch (depression runs in our family). But no!! She recommended that my son would feel better by volunteering at a church and by being a service to others. A wonderful idea but for someone who is clinically depressed, not so much. This woman in a matter of 15 mins totally undermined something that I had been working on for months. That was the last time that we saw her.

So please don't let one clueless doctor stop you from getting the help you need. You would be suprised to hear how many from the medical profession do not believe in depression. When I was at work one day there was a nurse who came in periodically and for some reason we got on the subject of mental health and what she said really suprised me! She informed me that she had no tolerance for people who "claimed" they were depressed...they just needed to stop feeling sorry for themselves and move on! Wow! and this coming from an RN. The reason why I'm sharing all of this is I don't want you to think you're all alone...your not! Depression can either be clinical or situational. Whatever the cause for your depression it is real and you deserve to get the help you need. Please make an appointment with a mental health counselor at your school. The best of luck to you.
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