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Guys out there. I am suffering from depressions and sometimes i feel like i'm a looser.
I'm a 29 year old guy. The thing is i'm unemployed and don't earn a single penny. My parents are very much supportive and they try not to let me feel frustrated. I was self employed. The turning point of my life is last december when i was admitted in a hospital diagnosed with cardiac myopathy. The lv function of my heart reduced to 20% but thanks to god that there was no blockage present. From then onwards i was under rest till last month when my diagnosis result were very good. The lv function increased to 65%. But i've already lost my business and incurred huge losses. Now while i'm still under medication, I cant work very hard to fix my business again. So i am now suffering from mood swings every now and then. Please let me know what to do??
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Pick up every thread of friendship you have. You are in isolation from your peers. Get in touch with old friends. You also need to let your doctors know you are feeling this way, and ask them for help. Best of luck to you.
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