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I was diagnosed with Depression about 15 years ago, I have been on numerous different meds, such as prozac, effexor, paxil, celexa, and currently on cipralex. My question is will I ever be able to get off of the meds, or will this be a lifetime thing. The reason for the change in meds is that they work at first, then they seem to not work so the dose is increased then after a while we have to switch. My mother has depression, and I was diagnosed before her. I have read up on depression, but I find I still have mood swings. I have gone to phychiatrist and phycologists, and find them hard as they bring things up in my life that I thought that I have dealt with, but apparently not, so then I get into a funk again. I have two children and a loving husband, and find I cant have these episodes as they hurt my family. I still feel sad alot of the times and even suicidal at times. Just wondering could there be more to it than just depression?
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Hi As you get older it seams to get better.  I am 58 now although I don't act or feel 58.  I have a 28 year old daughter and I discovered I wasn't meant for Motherhood, don't get me wrong I love my daughter to bits but having a baby to care for was a major upsetting event in my life.  Before I had my daughter I never even held a baby let alone cared for one, but all my friends were having their families and I thought we should also.  We were very innocent in those days well I was.  I think maybe my depression started around that time.  I feel very guilty for admitting that but if it helps then it is o.k.  Try to get some you time calm your mind and if you wait and are patient you may come up with a possible answer.  When I am speed talking to my counsellor I am coming up with answers, it is like imaginery light bulbs lighting up above my head, and then I usually say THATS IT, SO THAT IS THE REASON, I suppose I could do as well talking to the wall.  Hope I was of some help, Good Luck Colette77

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I have the same problem you have with meds. Been on them 17 years now and I swear, with each passing year they become less and less effective.

There are a few of us severly depressed people that for some reason develop a fast resistance to antidepressants. We take one and it works ok for maybe 6 month or even a year, and then it slowly fades in terms of effectiveness, until it is if were not even taking our meds anymore.

We raise the dosage, and that does little. Then we switch meds and start feeling a bit better and then the cycle starts over again.

Because of this factor, I have had to add combinations of different meds just to keep ahead of my resistance build up. I have probably been on 24 different meds in the past 17 years. They work good for awhile, then they fade.

I have found that by adding a mood stabilizer like Lamictal or Abilify to an SNRI that It gives me much longer periods of relief. Even then, after a long whille I build resistance again and must change meds to fool my body into a response.

It was not always like that for me. I used to get a good 3 to 5 years from just one antidepressant at moderate dosage. Not so much anymore. Maybe after taking various meds for so long our systems have just figured out the key to eliminating any theraputic effect that we might get from them.

Thus far I have built resistance to all SSRI's and SNRI's, Tri-cyclics, and Tetra-cyclics.
I have added Lamictal to my current antidepressant and it seems to give it a "boost." but I still don't get the same theraputic effect I once did.

My Psychiatrist said when and if the combo I am on now failes that we will have to consider an MAOI. Ehh, I hate the idea of having to start an MAOI, but it's about the only class of drugs left that I have not developed resistance to.

You question is a good one and I wish I could tell you why this happenes to some people that have severe depression like us, but after years of searching, I have yet to get a good answer as to why this keeps happening to me also.

Thru experimentation, I have discovered that if I try to return many years later to a "once effective antidepressant medication," that it doesen't work again even after several years have passed.

It's like my body remembers the formula and destroys it before it can even work.

Funny thing is that for my anxiety I take Xanax, and while in time I do build up a resistanceto this benzo, I can stop it for a few weeks and when I start it again, it works again for many weeks. This could be because Xanax is simply a short acting anti-anxiety drug and not an antidepressant, but with Xanax my body forgets and allows it to work again after a period off of the drug.

It's beyond frustrating because now (like you) I just don't get full effect anymore. Kind of like I am stuck in pergatory. In between remission and Hell, but just can't seem to get full remission again.

Odd thing about my chronic depression and anxiety is that no one, even in my extended family has ever suffered it. Not only that, but I have never suffered a tramatic experience in my life.

It strikes me as odd that my best friend was raised by his alcoholic father that used to beat him half to death every night, yet he does not suffer my illness. I know many that have suffered great loss and trama in their life and have never suffered this condition.

Kind of makes me wonder why that is.
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hang in there as there's more to life that what your experiencing and feeling now, its just that the depression and the ineffectiveness of the meds is letting that dark filter return to your life again which affects all that you do around you. Like you, i've been on a few ad's since i build up the courage to approach the GP/ Doc on the matter nearly 17 years ago and feel dismayed sometimes at the similiarities with myserf and those in addiction. i've come to accept the meds now without feeling unnecessarily guilty and ashamed about myself, beleieving that i'm somehow deficient or a loser for doing so. I can relate to what Hensley has to say with his journey towards recovery, but everyones life course of their difficulties is different, as i'm hoping that one day too circumstances in my life would lead myself, to possibly take this course of action ; but it would'nt be a disaster if it did'nt as my health & happiness is more important. This is me talking when i'm weighing up whether i should continue with my meds regime and other coping methods, or change meds altogether owing to the level of dimness being at such a level that it's too painful.

stick in there and hope you find the right lifestyle formula for yourself.
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hi, i don't really know all that much about antiD's...but have you been to women's docs for a hormonal balance test? etc..? With me I think depression is pretty tied to my hormonal balance, and it makes sense, in that women supposedly suffer depression issues at twice the rate as men...or something like that I've read...I remember first being horribly depressed when I was 12, at the start of menses...then, horrible episodes right around my hysterectomy, and since then..Look at all the women who suffer post-partum....I do take bio-identical hormones, at the advice of a doc, but not all the time, our chemistries are all different...I know "sometimes" women can get a little bit of relief...but not always...I'd also look into other coping methods, as was said...there are plenty...and never give up hope, hope sustains me when almost nothing else does...if the anti-Ds are helping you, you are lucky...coming from someone who hasn't yet been helped by antiDs...best to you...
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Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom and concern. I am going to go see my doctor to get my hormones checked. Im at that age where menopaus is knocking on my door, and a friend of mine was stating similar problems with her, and she found it was her hormones... Wish me luck!!

Cheers :)
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"In my opinion, ANY DRUG that helps you feel better mentally is addictive .."
I have not heard anything like that from my doc or on this board. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought SSRI were not addictive at all. I have been happily off Celexa for 3 months.
My doc took me off Wellbutrin and Celexa with no problems and I was not told of any addictive problems.
Some people don't taper off these drugs as they are supposed to when quiting for who knows what reasons, so maybe it is because they think the med is addictive and needs a cold turkey approach to get off.
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