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I am depressed from last 4 years.my doctor advised to take STALOPAM-20 medicine.almost all symptoms are cleared but i have stress every time in my mind and this due to i have every time remember my mind.why  am i not forget my depression.if i have my mind on my jow then stress comes on my gum.please give some advice or medication for this problem,my doctor suggest for this is SERLIFT along with STALOPAM-20.but serlift did not cure it.
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I'm not sure what Country you are in but I can tell you that there are meds available to help anyone. Also that it is good to spend time with other people and out or away from your home. If you are with people it is hard to ruminate or "worry" about your job or anything else that might bring you down. I will pray that things get better for you.
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