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Dianxite treatment

I've been feeling very sad and anxious lately ....I am not in the mood for anything and everything is meanless to me....
I am so depressed....i heard lately some people were taking deanxit and they got well....so i ran to the closest pharmacy and bought one ...now it's my third day taking this medicine 2 tablets a day one in the morning and another at noon....but i still feeling the same and even worst that i cant even sit on my chair at work.....it's bothering me like crazy this feeling....if any of you has taken dianxite and knows if it is good or no please help me....I'm in real need of ur help...
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What is Dianxite?  I've never heard of it.  Is it something you can buy over the counter?  Did a doctor prescribe it?  If you are feeling badly, please consult and doctor.  You need NOT suffer.  Do you have a therapist.  If you don't, please ask your family doctor or call your nearby hospital to give you referrals.  There IS help out there.  Please don't hesitate to get the help you need.  Please keep me posted.  

Many blessings,

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I have never heard of it, either.  why don't you do yourself a huge favor and go get some real meds from a doctor.  don't go another day without getting help!  i did that for about 2 years and looking back at that time i always wonder why it took me so long to finally get help.  you think it will go away on it's own, but then you start to think that this is how i am and this is how life is.  you become so used to being depressed that you don't realize how much better you are able to feel.  get help now.

love and light,
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Interesting. This is kind of a new form of antidepressant drug that I honestly don't know much about. At least it's a newer thing here in the States.

In fact even on the web, there really isn't much info about Dianxite. I think in some European countries it is avalible as over the counter, but here in the States it appears to require a doctors prescription.

From what I read thus far Dianxite is more designed to be utilized along with a more traditional antidepressant drug.

I honestly can not find much in depth information regarding this drug. I do know that it is not another silly natural suppliment, but rather an engeneered synthetic drug.

I am very interested to know more about this drug and it's efficacy.

I would not be so fast to dismiss this drug as just another snake oil remedy. It does seem to have proven scientific efficacy in double blind studies.

I just don't know exactly what it's actual mechinism of action is.
In fact I don't even know exactly what neurotransmitters in the brain that it effects.

I do know that I want to know more because there may be something to it.
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Why don't you talk to the pharmacist about the product? Perhaps you should also see your doctor for advice.
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Thank you all for your help ...It's nice to feel someone around these days......
I asked the pharmacist and he told me this is an antidepression medicine....and the real effect of it start to show after 3 weeks ....so I guess i have to be patient and wait ....eventhough it's a very ugly feeling I'm going through,,,,I will wait....
Thanks all....
with all my love....

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Are you out of the United States?  Do you not need a prescription for this medication?  Apparently, we here in the U.S. have never heard of it.

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Hensley's earlier post indicates it may be available in European countries.
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I did a bit of research on this drug. As of now it has not been approved by the FDA here in the States.

I guess that would explain why most of us never heard of it before. It is up for review by the FDA and in the next several months could get approval.

From what I have read, this drug is more of an anti-psychotic type medication rather than a traditional antidepressant medication. Although studies are showing it to be effective for some types of depression too.

I guess the verdict is still out on this drug. If I find out anything new I will report it here.
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I bet 3 weeks seems to you like a long way to go but I went 4 months and had to switch my meds before I got relief. It sounds impossible to cope with and no one can really know what another feels, but I think you can make it. (Millions of people somehow survive with severe depression every day.) Check out every bit of info you can on the med and side effects. Hopefully the pharmacist is willing to answer any other questions you have.
You haven't seen a doctor yet? You should and perhaps a counselor. It is hard to believe you can self-prescribe a med, so you are in uncharted waters since the rest of us on this board have all gone the doctor route. There is so much to know about depression, and it is possible that your recent unhappy issues are just temporary blues that can be dealt with without meds. Definitely it is doctor consulting time, as he may be able to help with alternative ideas.
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To whom may help:
I've got a friend who's in need of serious medical help. She's 14 years old and she's been taking Deanxit and it's been causing her more problems than help so she stopped taking it and I she's in a very high depression state and rly need a doctor but her parents are the busy type to busy to look after the health of their childrens and I'm jst 17 years old without a licence to drive so I can't do much so what should I do?
Please the personb who can help please post ur comments here.
Thanks in advence
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