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Did St. John's Wort work for you?

Who has tried St. John's Wort? Did it work for you? Were there side effects? How long did it take to take effect?
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I drink SJW tea when I feel a little depressed.  I used to drink it more often.  It does seem to help take the edge off immediately after drinking a couple of cups, but I have to be persistent in drinking it often.  I was not aware of any side effects.

I've recently begun eating some foods based on a raw diet which believes that heated food loses its potency.  I'm wondering if there's a better way for me to take SJW where it would be more affective.

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Before I wanted to come to terms with my depression I took Saint Johns Wort (capsules) and B12. I stayed with it for 6 months or so. It really helped a lot and it seemed to help pretty quickly. I wanted a natural way to help me out because I didn't want to take a pill and become a zombie. That was my biggest fear with antidepressants. I stopped taking it because I felt better and thought I could handle things on my own. I started taking it again 4 months ago along with the B12 but I had a pretty bad breakdown and decided it was time for professional help. I'm now on Wellbutrin and was on Zoloft but stopped taking it because of the side effects. I ran out of Saint Johns Wort and never picked anymore up. I think the Wellbutrin is doing good on it's own so I don't think I'll take the SJW again. I think you should look into it. It's a great alternative to pharmaceuticals.
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Thanks for your posts. How long did it take to work? How many days/weeks? I started my first dose. 300mg. Going to take 600 a day and then go up to 900 a day in two days.
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I want to say it worked within a week. I seem to have meds work pretty quickly with me. When I started taking Wellbutrin it made me feel better within days. Maybe it's just too much positive thinking but I try to believe that everything is going to work when I start it. I can't remember the mg dose I was taking. It's kind of hard to find where I was looking for it and they only had one brand. I took 3 of them in a day. I want to say they were probably 100mg each. I never thought of taking more than what the bottle said. Maybe it would have worked better!
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Is it normal to feel worse? I've been taking it for a few days and I feel horrible. Crying nonstop, having suicidal thoughts, anxiety has sky rocketed. Please someone tell me if it gets better after a few days. If not, thats it, I'm stopping it.
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I didn't have that happen to me. If it's really concerning to you than I would stop taking it.
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