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Do Depression Medications Effect Memory

I am 64 years old and have taken various antidepressants for about 25 years.  I was diagnosed as Bipolar II about 5 years ago.  My psychiatrist has maintained me on the drugs I take now for about three years.  I recently lost my job and the meds had to be increased.

About two years ago I noticed I was having difficulty remembering at work.  My job would occasionally require me to learn new information when the job description changed.  The last six months of my job were extremely stressful.  For example,  I could not remember one day something that someone had told me the day before.  Very often I was a loss for words in conversations because I just could not remember information I had prevously been exposed to.  My self esteem plummeted to zero and remains there.  I have been applying for jobs the last four months with no results.  I am actually afraid to go on an job interview because of my bad memory, much less take a new job with all the new things I must learn.

I would like to know what kind of doctors I should approach about my bad memory and also, what kind of tests I could expect to take.  

Another question is, could the years of antidepressant use be the cause of my memory failures.

Thank you,
Desperate old lady
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It can happen on occasion but it depends on the particular anti-depressent. Look up the medication website and if memory loss has ever been noted as a side effect (even occasionally) it will be listed on there. If you can't tolerate the medications you are on "Depression Central" is a good website that explains more. You could speak to your psychiatrist about available options. And if you have an extreme loss of cognition as that can be from many reasons not having to do with anti-depressents, perhaps get checked out by a doctor and if needed a neurologist or any other follow they suggest as the chance of memory loss and cognitive confusion increases with age for everyone.
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