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Do not respond to medications anymore

So whats nexts? A long line of addictive drugs or perhaps Electro Shock Therapy. I am lost and have no more answers. Nothing my doc tries does a bit of good. He is also worried for me and wants me to see an internist incase it's not deppression and maybe something medical.
Don't have a clue anymore but please don't say councelling or anything Holistic. Thats all **** unless you react to placebos. I don't and have looked into it with a very open mind.
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1. maybe you need a different dr?

2. you say you've looked into counseling, but have you actually given it a chance?  there are many different forms of therapy.    
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I agree with Volver in the that you may need to see another doctor since it takes the right one to get to know you, prescribe the proper medications and recommend other alternatives. A negative attitude concerning things like counseling and meditation isn't going to help you. I've been plagued by several issues, including bipolar disorder, SAD, PTSD and major depression. Only recently have I found what seems to be the right combination of medications after going through a multitude of medication cocktails. Also, don't rule out counseling. You just need to find a counselor that you connect with. Even though difficult and sometimes feels hopeless, you have to keep seeking those positive options that are right for you. Be patient and take small steps. Good Luck!

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I don't think pychiatry or medicine has anything to offer you or me anymore. If I look to medicine to solve my depression-anxiety problem, I'm in big trouble. When  medicine doesn't work anymore or never did, it has to be a spirtual solution. I'm not preaching and have even heard shrinks say this. all the best
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so what meds have you tried thus far? How long?

Have you ever responded to any of them, even just for a while?

I'm just asking because I am also medication resistant and it took me a long time to find a combo of AD meds that worked for me.
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I am not a doc, and therefore not qualified to give medical advice- But- I have SSRI poop out bad too- dont be so darn hard on yourself- i'm facing a similar quandry- my own therapist had depression years ago- she saw a top shrink in the field- Godwin- or something. he put her on the teeniest dose of lithium- period. she's been on it and fine for 30 years-

I personally and resisting this choice with all my might- but it is a choice- iand I might do it if I get to the pit again. it is an alternate route- so dont give up. never ever give up. this is a hard road, to be cliche, so give yourself credit for toughing it out- and take it one day at a time -
that's all we get- and that's enough for me. good luck.
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The bottom line (which i failed to say above) is that lithium has been used for unipolar depression successfully in some cases- may want to check it out - it's not a drug at least- i know it has ****** side affects, but evidently it can really help. i am nearly ready to cave and try it- i also have run down the SSRI top 10. YOU ARE [email protected]!!
Good luck.
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