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Do not want to leave my house

I have gotten to the point that I do not want to leave my house.  I work for the schools and I am off 6 weeks in the summer.  I always think that I will be so productive during that off time and also enjoy my swimming pool.  But I don't.  I use to write this off to being satisfied with my life but now I wonder.  I wake up early but just don't get out of bed, therefore I catnap till about lunch.  I sometimes will put my Ipod on and listen to a book while I lay in bed.  I like nothing better than surfing the internet, reading a book or watching TV in my bedroom.  I really would not even leave my room if my daughters did not comment on what a hermit I have become.  Most of the time I do not even answer my phone because I just do not want to talk to anyone.  Plus if my husband would not say anything I would not even get of my pajamas.  I will always think about the things that need to be done at my house (I have never liked to clean) but I just don't do them.  I am somewhat of a packrat and have lots of clutter.  But I want my house clean and organized, I find other things to do.  We were very active in our church but now I cannot even drag myself out of bed on Sunday Mornings to go to church.  I don't even walk out to the mailbox somedays, not that I dread what is in it I just don't go.  During the school year I rarely miss a days work but when I come home I do not even want to cook dinner, I certainly do not want to clean the kitchen afterwards.  All I want to do is get home as quick as I can and either get on the internet, read or watch TV.  I have 2 teenage daughters and married for 20 years to a very attractive man.  When we married I was not overweight which I am now by about 75 pounds.  My husband is the same size and excerises everyday.  He is very disciplined and I am not.  I am ADD and take Adderall everyday for that and I am also on 60 mg of Cynbalta.  I use to be very social and now I am social at work but other than that I just want to be at home doing things by myself.  I am not sure if this is healthy at all.
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Best to speak to your psychiatrist to see if this comes from anxiety or depression as one can cause a fear of being around people and the other can cause people to feel undermotivated and avoid people. They could adjust your treatment and see what else could be done to help you such as cognitive behavioral therapy or a support group.
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i agree with iladvocate.

i felt the same way as you do. every summer i would fall into this i don't caree mind mode. had to make myself and still do, get up in the morning. then come fall and i was myself aggain. so i got a new dx called summer sad. so now i just deal with it the best i can. i, like you have to force myself to do the every day things. but i found out i feel better if i push myself into finishing one thing at a time.

hope this helps
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I will say that I am no "unhappy" I just feel like this might not be normal.  Could it be I am just lazy?  I am not in a bad mood (most of the time).  I plan to speak to my doctor about this at my next visit.  needhelp4me434 - it is really hard to force yourself isn't it?  And I would probably feel so much better if I pushed myself but I just don't.  I am thankful for any suggestions that anyone has.  
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You are not alone, My house is cluttered and everyday I put on my list to clean but everyday I just sit on the couch and stress myself into a frozen state and it never gets better. I am the same with work or grocery shopping etc. If I stay active I don't think about it but the minute I get out of my routine everything comes to a crashing halt. I am on Cymbalta and lorazapam for anxiety. If it wasn't for my daughters activities sometimes I wonder if I would ever get dressed. Hang in there, try having your husband take you for a short walk everyday and make him promise to make you walk, just 5 minutes the first day and work yourself up to more time. I have a garden in the summer and I have to get out at least everyother day so something like that could help. Good luck to you.
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Hi, I'm not the only one who stays in the bedroom and makes plans that are never done!  Thanks.
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i have been literally in bed since thanksgiving...i fall asleep at 6 or 7 am and sleep til 4 or 5 in the afternoon...i get up to eat something and go right back to bed. i do not want to do anything or go out of my house or even my room. my husband is retired military so he does everything i used to...shopping, laundry..i know i need help...i tried to commit suicide two years ago when i was lke this but never for this long. i dont want to make the effort to get to a psych. just too much for me right now. i just want to sleep and stay asleep. help, somebody?
if u have the answer please tell me
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