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Do you ever feel guilty?

Have you ever had times when you feel guilty about your depression?  I feel like I should be able to suck it up and move on and I can't so I start feeling guilty and afraid people are gonna be mad at me. Especially when I have stuff to get done and just can't find the motivation to do it. How do you cope?
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Hi. I have a hard time coping. Sometimes it feels like a punishment laying around & I think if I'm not going to be productive at least I should go do something fun.
But nothing. When I'm depressed it's so bad. I'm also bipolar, so when I cycle I get tons done. It's weird.
  I think the suck it up philosophy comes from our upbringing.
   Feeling guilty has the tendency to worsen the depression. So guard against that too.
     Sometimes I stay up all night. It resets something in the system. That's a coping mechanism.  Stay away from negative people who just don't understand.   Also if you are on meds, get a change. The idea is to not be depressed if possible.
  I also force myself to write posts. Plus go to support group. Both help.
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No I have never felt guilty about being ill.  No different to diabetis or heart problems.  We cannot help being ill.  don't be so hard on yourself.  Nothing to feel guilty about.  

I have never kept it a secret that I have depression and people have always understood.  If I find a situation hard, I explain what is happening.  I have had depression for a very long time, so I suppose I have got used to it more than you have.  

If you find you cannot find motivation to do things, it does not matter.  Just wait until you find you can cope with it.  Take small steps.  

I find people here very supportive because they all understand.  It is often people who have not experienced depression who may not be as kind as they could be.  Don't worry about those people.  Just be yourself.
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I feel guilty because i feel like maybe I'm bringing the people who are around me down. And to be completely honest i wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy. I feel guilty about being upset or mad when people don't understand even if they ARE trying to help. I was told that being guilty is a normal feeling! I hope thats true because i feel this way all the time
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Guilt is basically part and parcel for people with depression. It's one of the key factors of how it feeds into itself
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