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Does Cymbalta cause wait gain?

Hey guys,
I recently just went on cymbalta. I am on a diet and have been doing really well on it and am worried that even if i keep doing what i'm doing that the cymbalta will somehow cause me to either stay at my same weight or gain weight. I have heard rumors that so many anti-anxiety/anti-depressenants can do that.. but i also heard cymbalta usually does not cause weight gain. Did anyone have an experience where they still where able to lose weight on cymbalta? I dont understand why not, considering if you decrease your daily calorie intake and exercise the weight should technically be able to come off. I really hope this is this case because i am so dedicated to losing these few extra pounds haha. I really appreciate any information/ reassurance that anyone can offer. Look forward to hearing back!

Thank you!
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I meant to entitle the question "Does Cymbalta cause weight gain.. not wait" just letting everyone know im not an idiot im just tired !
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It has been known to cause weight gain in some people.Google cymbalta side effects.
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I think its possible it might take you a lil bit longer on the cymbalta but you should be able to lose those pounds.lily
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   ive been on cymbalta for about 2 years now and i was on a sucessfull diet when i started it and i continued to lose weight without a problem and still 2yrs later ive personally never had a problem with gaining weight while on cymbalta. i hope this helps t.j
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I am a 22 female and I have just switched over to cymbalta. I am in my second week and have gained 10 pounds already... I'm not doing anything out of the regular things I do. I have never put on weight this fast in my life and I am horrified!!! My doctor mentioned nothing about cymbalta causing weight gain but honestly weight gain makes me depressed more than ever so it's a total lose lose situation!!!
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I am on cymbabata
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