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Does anyone know where to buy the medicine called "Mood Relief"

I don't know the manufacturer of this medicine.  I got this from my doctor in Hong Kong. The ingredients are st john wort , 5 htp, eleutherocus senticosus, passion flower, L-Tyrosine , Valerian Root.
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Have you tried to Google it?  I have to say, though, do you suffer from anxiety and have a sleep problem or just have depression?  And I wouldn't personally take a combination like this one.  For one thing, 5-HTP and tyrosine should probably be taken apart from a meal while the others it really doesn't matter.  For another, eleuthero can be stimulating, so you need to see if that's the case for you or not.  The adaptogen used more for anxiety is ashwagandha, but if you just have depression this won't be a problem.  I would also, it it were me, try St. John's Wort by itself before taking it and 5-HTP, though if it were me I'd prefer 5-HTP to it.  In other words, it's often better when you're treating something to use the things for it in a combination that makes sense and from a manufacturer you really trust.  But in general, those can be useful substances if they are formulated properly.  If you Google it and don't find it, there's two possibilities:  the first is, it's only called that in Hong Kong, and the second, it's only sold by medical professionals, which doesn't mean it's better than what you can buy in a store but it's a way those professionals rope you in to having to keep buying from them.
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