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Does everyone else fit somewhere?

I'm new. First, I'd like to know how to change my stupid username. I don't fit anywhere. It's like you have to conform in every way to fit in anywhere, and if you fall short of a point, they disown you. I'm on a lot of pain medications now, as well as Budiprion and Lexapro. I'm depressed. There are a lot of depressing things in my life, but everyone has problems. I have just moved to another state. I don't like it here, I don't have anyone I feel I can talk to. It seems whatever I do to make things better fails. I'm feeling pretty hopeless.
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I think not fitting in is about self-acceptance and self-confidence or about underlying mental health issues.
To me it sounds like you're angry.  About what, I'm not sure.  About being judged??
Pain can cause anyone to feel vulnerable, hopeless and miserable.
Could you make an effort to engage with others?  Do you truly hate it or do you just feel threatened by the change?
Maybe if you tried setting yourself smaller or more manageable goals.  Maybe you are succeeding but just not giving yourself enough credit.  Sometimes if you put your achievements in context regarding your health status, etc you can feel better about yourself and your endeavors.

Don't push or berate yourself too much.  Just take one day at a time.
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hi all....count me in too, I'm 59 yrs old have felt like a misfit since high school, as far as I can recall earlier years were ok..

so thats gotta be 45 yrs of being different isn't it.

like whodunit says after awhile you just do your own thing and avoid anything and anyone that makes you uncomfortable, of course ( as an older person who no longer is working) I have the choice to do so.........

Its different with you younger working souls, my son has struggled with this since teen years too and he's now 38...
its very hard when you are a working person and out in the public where you have to socialize.
And being younger as he is companionship is important, he has just gone thru one relationship and a divorce before that.....he is very lonely and can't seem to find a way to a MAKE himself 'get out there' to meet anyone. He is also BP.

I wish I had some wise answers for you, I don't...but we all need to keep looking don't we.
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Don't fit in anywhere? Felt it most of my life and in truth, I don't.

I could play the game when I needed to though until recent years where I just cannot tolerate the rat race etc. I spent all my working life working with lots of people, mostly good, genuine people but a percentage were always nasty, back stabbing, greedy and vicious. Often they were the supervisors as it happens.

I worked with all that and let it slide most of the time as if I confronted it I would have reacted violently. I managed to work my way into a good position with a lot of staff and a supervisor who supported me and left me to run things my way. That was a joy as I could eradicate this sort of behaviour and did so. But outside work I could never do it really.

I could be part of any group and often in the centre of them but I always felt like I didn't want to be there although I had fun etc. I always left such groups and always changed locations as I didn't fit in.

Today I live where I feel at home at last and don't interact with most of the rat race so I'm doing OK.

But, no. I don't fit in, I'm different to anyone I know although of course there are probably many like me who feel the same as I do. We will never meet I'm afraid.

I can also tell you it's a feeling most people have to varying degrees. That's why they fight and ***** and all the rest, to keep their place.

If only all people were like the majority who really just want to be peaceful, help where thaey can and have a decent life. Is that too hard?
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Scroll down to the very bottom of this page and click on "contact us" and leave an email that you would like to change your user name.  Someone will contact you though your personal email.  It may take a while so try to be patient :)

Welcome to the forum.  I hope it helps.  MedHelp is a great site!
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I don't think you can change your username.  I have found it hard to fit in anywhere for a long time!  Although it does help to get let it out and people will judge, but no one judges us worse than we do our own self!  I also feel hopeless, I feel like I will never get out of this rut that I have let myself fall into.  I did join a forum a little while ago that seem's to help.  No one there has tried to judge me (yet).  They have been kindia supportive which is nice.  I'm not sure about here, yet. This is my first day on this site!  I just want to get out of this rut and learn to love life and most of all I need to learn to love myself!  Maybe I can find others like me here and we can support each other and kindia find our way together.  Hope that you can do the same!  
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