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Doubling up on med's

I have a question about my med's....I am currently on 25mg of Zoloft daily.  My doctor wanted to start me off slowly so that the side effects weren't to bad.  I have an appointment with her in a week and a half where we are planning on uping the dosage to 50mg/daily.  I am no longer feeling sideeffects of the med's and am wonder the following:

Is it safe to take 2 x 25mg of the zoloft? Rather than waiting until I go and see my doctor.

I am still planning on going to the doctor's I'm just wondering if this is safe to do ir not.
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No.  Wait until you see your doc.  There is a reason the doc is raising your dose like this.....these types of meds are nothing to mess with.  Take good care of yourself....have a nice hot fudge sundae instead!!!  LOL!
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It's always best to just follow what you doctor is prescribing, BUT I will say that even for a med sensitive person 25Mgs per day of Zoloft is most often not a normal theraputic dosage.

Theraputic dosgaes of Zoloft (sertraline) range from 50Mgs up to 200Mgs a day depending on many factors. I took Zoloft for 4 years at a dosage of 150Mgs a day.

I'm NOT saying that you should raise your dosage without your doctors full approval. I'm just informing you of what the average theraputic dosage of Zoloft is.

Most people fall in the 100 to 150Mg dosage range, but if you are unusually hypersensitive to SSRI's than I can sure see why your doc is going very slow.

I think many times doctors start off patients way too high on many antidepressants. It's good that you have a doctor that is careful. Starting slow like that is always good, because it helps ease your system into adjustment, thus reducing side effects.

Just keep in mind that Sertraline has a pretty long half life so even at moderate dosages it can take a full 6 to 8 weeks before it is working a full effect. It take time to build up theraputic levels in the body.

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