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Down in the dumps.

I've been feeling really bummed out ... I recently added Abilify to my list of many medications and it has made a wonderful difference, but you know, nothing is perfect.  

Has anyone tried Abilify in combination with anything else and had success?  Or not?  

What cheers you up when you're really, really down?  When I'm down, I'm down.  There's no getting me up - I just lay in bed feeling blah, which is of course, natural.  But still, things used to cheer me up.  Smelling just finished, warm laundry, visiting the animal shelter ... I even try opening the blinds to let some sunshine in (if it's sunny) but sometimes it is pointless.  Anyone else have pointless days?  Weeks?  Months?

Do you have support (I don't) that doesn't understand?  Which do you think is worse - feeling crummy or feeling even crummier because people who don't understand label you as lazy and stupid?
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i feel into a deep depression after my father died. i have never expierenced that kind of depression before.

my dr started me on 2 mgs abilify along with my 30 mgs of lexapro. within a few days the depression began to fade.

i did have to make myself get out of bed to go exercise, eat. clean the house.

about a week later i was on the mend.

i don't have a suport group either. though my husband knows about my depression and anxiety and is very supportive .

i try to keep my depression to myself. i just tell family and friends i don't feel well.

i do a lot of self talk too. it's a battle, but it is what it is.i've accepted i'm going to have good and bad days.

i have trouble with summer sad.  this is really the dog days of summer, come sept i'm a lot better.

you have everyone hear so you're not alone. this forum is open 24 7's. read thur them. i'm sure you'll find information

good luck
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I am on abilify with trazadone, lamictal, zoloft, vyvanse, and sometimes xanax.

It works pretty well, I usually use it to augment my anxiety which can amplify my OCD.

I am trying to use these forums whenever I feel down, I guess trying to prolong the need to go back to my cognitive behavioral therapist.
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My "family" knows I've been in and out of hospitals, but they don't care to know why.  In fact, they are possibly as disgusted as I am with myself.  There are people who can't understand, then there are people who don't want to understand.  Or both.  All the above applies.  

Everyone talks about how this website is a great support system and it is.  I just don't use the internet and you do not know when you'll get an answer if you're in a crisis.  Sure, I use CRISIS or CONTACT, but it's complete luck if you get someone who doesn't just say, "You sound sad, yeah".  

I'm grateful for my friend that I've met off here.  I just need more support that can be administered face to face, and if that's asking too much (which I'm sure a lot of people would think so), then at least someone I can call at three in the morning when I have a rope around my neck.  

I'm not suicidal.  That was a bad example, but, as a sufferer from depression, I'm just going to assume you have an idea of what I'm trying to say.
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I take:

20 mg Adderall for Narcolepsy (x's 2).
20 mg Lexapro for BPD.
300 mg Lamictal for BPD I (x's 2).
5 mg Abilify for BPD I.
12.5 mg Ambien CR for Insomnia.
100 mg Amitriptyline HCl for Insomnia.
1.5 mg Clonazepam for Panic and SAD (x's 2).
Miralax for IBS.
Niravam as needed.

And there is more, but I have a headache just thinking about all that.
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