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Drug interaction with celexa and Cyclobenzaprine

My new doctor prescribed me Cyclobenzaprine for my muscles spams but I take celexa on my regular basis. I remember he told me to be careful in no combining those two. Tonight, I took my celexa around 1am. At 3:55am, I forgot I took the celexa and I took Cyclobenzaprine. Do you think is something I should be worry? I looked online about the drug interaction and they say could be deadly. I am very worry. Any advice of what I can do? Do I gonna be okay? How long apart I can take those two medications?
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I'd call a pharmacist.  And you don't say what's causing your muscle spasms.  It could well be the Celexa, in which case some magnesium citrate will probably take care of the problem, but don't take magnesium at the same time as you take the Celexa.  These brain drugs use the magnesium channel to get to the brain, and that can cause muscle spasms -- very common side effect.  They also affect serotonin, which is partly responsible for relaxing muscles.  
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