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Effexor & Wellbutrin

I have been on Effexor XL 150 mg for at least 4 years. I tried to stop once and I felt completely mental and unable to cope so I started taking it again. It doesn't really even help anymore but I am too afraid to get off. Now my doctor wants me to get on Wellbutrin inconjuction with Effex. I don't think I should. suggestions or comments?
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I have been put on wellbutrin as well as my 60 mg of celexa which is the highest you can go on that drug.  I have added the wellbutrin with the celexa for only 2 days and I feel better even cleaned my toaster never done that in my life.  It's giving me energy galore.  I never have entertained the idea of going off  the meds I have two special needs children and a husband that has left after 18years.  I need drugs to cope I'm afraid,but  I've accepted that now been on them for 8 years.  The wellbutrin helps with pain too.  I plan on quitting codiene too only 120mgram a day but if the wellbutrin helps the pain I'll be real happy,  It's common practice for doctors to suggest a cocktail of meds to manage severe depression.  If you don't need the wellbutrin you'll know when you try it . you'll feel either great or really weird.   Blue
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If you plan on getting off the Effexor, do not go cold turkey!  You will have terrible withdrawal symptoms.  Your doctor would probably wean you off of the medication slowly to avoid this.

In regards to the Wellbutrin, it works on a different neurotransmitter - dopamine.  Effexor affects serotonin and norepinephrine.  Personally, I didn't like Wellbutrin.  Effexor works much better for me.  But everybody is different, and Wellbutrin could do wonders for you.  If the Effexor has become ineffective, a change might be good.

Good luck,
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I was on effexor xr 75mg for about 4 years until it quit on me, I added wellbutrin XL 150mg and stayed on the effex. for another year and weaned off just the effex.  I've been on the wellbutrin fro another 4 years and I was great until I had to take methylprednisone (steriod) and I went off the deep end.  But if I hadn't taken the steriod, I would be fine.
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Can you give me some feedback on Buspar? Had been on Wellbutrin, but went off for a year. I have some minimal anxiety, and depression, just want to feel happy again like I used to. Can Buspar help the depression too, and can I take it for a few years?
Thanks for your help,
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Hi there,

I've been using FX over 10 years now, 3 different times and includes now.

The first time I was in real bad shape and I needed 550 mgs befopre it ran out of steam (8 months). It brought me back to life though, with Lithium too as I was highly suicidal and erratic back then. I shudder recalling it.

You say it doesn't seem to help any more but you feel bad when you try to stop.

Confusion about those two statements from me.

Any med at the same dose for 4 years is likely to be way too long. At a low dose, 150mgs is low for most, it is more than optimistic to expect it to be doing anything at all after so long.

I'd strongly suggest you and the doc consider an increase in dose before you drop it and try other things. Reason? You haven't explored FX much at all. It's often not effective in the lower doses and the higher doses bring great change. It saved me from hell I tell you.

Plus it's better to try the high dose now while you are already on it than in a year or two when other meds wear out. You have bveen way too patient in my opinion. Very good of you and so on but we patients must become more demanding and ask for something better when we feel bad. Not just accept words!!

Took me a long time to learn that as docs would ignore me if I didn't speak up, so I had to do that. The first time I did it I said I'm not leaving this office until we decide on my meds. We got a decision. Surprise!

There is only one way to come off FX if you are going to and that is very slowly. Drop 17.5 mgs at a time if you have to but do not just stop it as that ensures a bad time.

Make sure your doc is involved and knows what you are doing so the doc can adjust if needs be.

My doc told me that if things got bad the best way is to check into hospital for the change over. That way it is controlled and you have people there to help. Plus you spend most of the time sleeping!

My first time off was bad, side effects for about 3 months. One of, the rest were shorter. The longer one was a sort of spacial distortion of vision which meant I could not drive safely. I couldn't turn my head withoiut getting that instant drop feeling in a car. Second time off? Nothing at all. 3rd? Don't know yet!!

Good luck and take care.
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Effexor has two principal effects: for doses lower than about 150mg/day it is a seratonin reuptake inhibitor. For doses higher than that (it is dependent upon the individual to some degree), for example up to 375mg/day, effexor also is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Many people require both effects to kick in.

Wellbutrin is also a dual reuptake inhibitor, principal effects being on dopamine and norepinephrine (hmm might have mis-spelt that, I mean noradrenaline in the older jargon).

Then there are the older tricyclic antidepressants which tend to affect S, NE, and D neurotransmitters, and a bunch of others to boot. For example, amitriptyline has broad central nervous system effects (some of which are used to dampen down neuropathic pain).

I'm afraid I haven't had the experience of using wellbutrin or of withdrawing from effexor, so I can't help you there.
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