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I am without health insurance and can no longer afford my effexor. Today I am experienceing very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.  How long will this last?  Is there a less expensive generic medication that I could take that would keep me from experiencing this withdrawal?
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Um, I don't think there is a generic effexor, and if there ws, I don't know how much cheaper it would be. I heared in the USA it is STUPIDLY expensive. As far as I know nothing will keep you from going through the withdrawl, sorry. When I went off it I went through a week of hell and several weeks lost in the outskirts of hell.
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Yes, it is expensive in the US.  One week?  I might be able to do one week.  I have 10 pills left.  Took one 2 hours ago because I was SO ANGRY AND IRRITABLE.  Not to mention the weird rushes of dizziness and shooting sensations through my hands and arms.  

I was hoping I could start a generic drug that may lessen the effexor withdrawal symptoms. Although, I cant afford even a doctors visit at this point.  I will get insurance through work come Nov. 1.  
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You might ask your doctor for help. If the doc knows you are getting insurance in November maybe he or she has samples you could have. They often do but it's only a suggestion.

Nov 1 is 6 weeks away so I'd suggest you use the remaining tablets to wean yourself off. Don't just stop and take one when you feel bad, that ain't gonna work. Reduce gradually over the next few weeks accounting for how few you have. Without knowing what dose you are on I'd suggest halving the dose each week until they are gone, if they last that long.

Going without and taking one now and again is the worst possible choice.

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You can read this post to see the possibilities of what you are in for. People didn't like me keeping this old post alive, but it provides a lot of info for those dealing with its powerful withdrawal effects.
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There is a generic Immediate Release Effexor available, not the XR.  I am currently trying to come off this drug.  Here is what my psychiatrist told me, but I haven't completed it yet, so I don't know if it will work.  So, I was on Pristiq (by GP, not Psych), my psychiatrist switched me to 150 mg effexor instead...they are equivalant.  So, now, I am dropping 37.5mg per week, but if the depression or withdrawal gets really bad he gave me some immediate release 25mg to take up to twice a day until I can fully taper off.

I've heard horror stories about getting off Effexor and I struggled to come off Celexa, so we'll see.  If anyone wants to send me a private message, I'd be happy to let them know how the next 4 weeks goes for me.  My psychiatrist said I won't be symptom free as far as the withdrawal, but he's done it this way before.

I wish I could just go to a detox for it! But, sadly, it takes time.  Taper as much as you can.  Sorry, I only know about cost in terms of insurance.

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There is a generic Effexor XR avalible in the United States.

It's basically just Venlafaxine with an extended release action. Much less expensive than name brand.
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